How to Disable Notification Preview on iOS 10 Lock Screen

iOS 10 is probably the best version of iOS; what Apple has been developing since a long time now. iOS 10 is a very feature-rich version, which is available for latest iOS devices. It comes with a lot of new features such as Low-Quality image, Bedtime, Raise to Wake, Lock Screen Widgets and much more. With the help of those new features, you can certainly increase your productivity.

However, if you are using iOS 10, you might have seen that it shows notification preview on the lock screen. For instance, if you get an email, you can check that on your lock screen. In other words, Apple included this feature so that user can check their notification without unlocking the device.

How to disable notification preview on Lock screen in iOS 10

But, this particular feature has a disadvantage. All the people can see your message or email or anything that has arrived on your iOS 10 device and they do not have to know your mobile password. Suppose, you often get a confidential email that should not be disclosed. But, anyone can see your email right on your lock screen. The worst thing is some messaging services such as WhatsApp lets users reply to the message without unlocking the device. Which means, you can check the WhatsApp message on the lock screen, swipe and hold from right to left to get View option. Following that, it is possible to reply to that WhatsApp message right from the lock screen.

Therefore, if you want to disable notification preview on iOS 10 lock screen, here is a simple solution. The best thing is you do not need to install any third party app or jailbreak your device. The in-built option will assist you to turn off notification preview on the lock screen of iOS 10.

Disable Notification Preview on iOS 10 Lock Screen

At first, open Settings and go to Notifications. Here, you can find all the apps those can have push notification feature. Now, you have to select a particular app that you want to disable notification preview for. You will get two different options including Show on Lock Screen and Show Previews.

How to disable notification preview on iOS 10 lock screen

The Show on Lock Screen feature will let you disable the notification completely. On the other hand, the Show Previews option will let you show or hide the notification preview on iOS 10 lock screen. You can just toggle the corresponding button to get things done. If you turn off previews, you can find the app name and some other little information about the notification on your lock screen. In this case, you have to unlock the phone in order to check the notification.

This is it! Hope this tiny tutorial would be helpful to protect your privacy while using iOS 10.

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