Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome for Windows 10

Microsoft is finally about to replace their native web browser, Internet Explorer in Windows 10 stable version, which is going to launch on July 29. Obviously, Windows users use different web browsers, but Google Chrome is probably the most trustworthy and fastest web browser among all. Mozilla Firefox is pretty good in terms of readability, performance etc. But, it consumes more bandwidth than other similar web browsers.

However, as Microsoft is going to include a brand new web browser in Windows 10, you will be confused between Microsoft Edge aka Project Spartan and Google Chrome. This is where this complete comparison table comes in. This article will help you to know about all the features of Microsoft Edge so that you can compare it with Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome for Windows 10

Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome for Windows 10

Obviously, this is not the right time to compare them since Microsoft is still working on Project Spartan. However, everybody can easily know what kind of features Microsoft can include in this new web browser for Windows 10.

General Comparison Between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an established web browser and millions of people have been using this web browser since a long time now. In a simple line, Google Chrome has more features than Microsoft Edge. But, it’s not about quantity. It’s all about quality or usefulness.

Even though, this new web browser has fewer features than Chrome, yet, those options are enough for a regular Windows user. Whatever a normal user uses to browse the web, is available in Microsoft Edge. That does not mean, Chrome has loads of useless features. In fact, Google Chrome has more useful features than Project Spartan.

Features of Microsoft Edge

The following list will let you know the features of this new web browser.

  • Show/hide favorite bar
  • start page settings
  • privacy settings
  • better readability option

On the other hand, Google Chrome has more other useful features such as OK Google support, multi-platform synchronization over email, guest browsing, enhanced privacy settings, password & form management, proxy settings, HTTPS certificate management and more others.

Not all these useful features for a regular person are available in Microsoft Edge. This is where Google Chrome gets a plus point.

Default Search Engine Settings

This is another reason, why Microsoft Edge will be lagging behind other browsers for Windows 10. Currently, this browser does not have any option to change default search engine, which is Bing.

bing logo

At the same time, you can use any search engine in Google Chrome. In fact, this is also possible to use any custom search engine that generally comes with browser toolbars.

Extension/Plugin Support

Although, Internet Explorer supports some plugins, yet, Microsoft Edge does not support any plugin or extension, as of now. May be, this software giant will add this option in future, but it will be huge problem for users, if they will not do so. In Google Chrome, you can utilize various extensions to do different things including blocking ads, capturing screenshots etc.

If Microsoft Edge will not get add-on compatibility, not all Windows 10 users will show their interest to use this browser.

Where does Microsoft Edge excel?

Not all the time Chrome wins. Project Spartan also has some cool features, what Google Chrome users generally get using add-ons or extensions. For example, Microsoft Edge has a feature called Web Note. This Web Note option will let you create simple notes. This is also possible to capture screenshots, make free-hand drawing on any webpage and more others.

Thumbs up

Chrome users can obtain these aforementioned features. However, they need to install extensions. Nevertheless, Microsoft Edge does not need any third party tool to get them all. This is where Project Spartan excels.

Another useful feature is Read View. If you have ever used latest Apple Safari, you might have got the Read View or Couch Mode in the browser that ditches all advertisements and additional elements from any webpage, you can relate that with this feature. This “Read View” button will help you to eliminate all third party advertisements along with sidebar, footer etc. to provide a better environment for reading long article. This option is not available in Google Chrome. Obviously, you can get it. But, again an extension is needed to get so.

Browsing Speed on Same Internet Connection


Browsing speed matters a lot for everyone. Firefox was not as good as it is today and the reason behind the failure of being the number 1 browser was browsing speed. However, Firefox is now much faster. But, at the same time, Spartan is also not bad in terms of speed. Obviously, it does not open webpages as fast as Google Chrome. But, the speed is near to Chrome.

Bandwidth Consumption of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

This is another reason, why Firefox is still lagging behind other browsers and this is why Chrome is the best browser. Google Chrome consumes less memory than any other browser except Opera Mini.

However, both web browsers i.e. Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome consume almost same bandwidth. I have personally checked same webpages using both browsers. They took near to same bandwidth to surf same webpages.

But, I got a strange bandwidth issue on Microsoft Edge browser while watching YouTube and Vimeo video. Although, they took almost same bandwidth to open same webpages but Spartan significantly took more bandwidth to play three videos than Chrome.

P.S.: NetBalancer and one more app on Windows 10 have checked Bandwidth consumption.

Final Word

If number of features is the only thing you consider to choose any web browser, Google Chrome will be the winner indeed. At the same time, if you want plugin availability, you won’t get it in Microsoft Edge, as of now. This is where Chrome stands out.

However, if you want to try a new web browser, Microsoft Edge would be the one that has speed, less complexity, better reading environment etc.

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