Exclude Posts of Certain Categories From The Homepage Of A WordPress Blog

Blogs that are powered by the self hosted WordPress CMS often face a typical problem of hiding posts from the front page. There can be situations when you may not want to show specific posts on your website’s homepage. There are different techniques to exclude specific posts from WordPress homepage. This involves modifying the loop, […]

An Interview With Manikarthik :Seo Blogger from Daily Seo Blog

Manikarthik is a well known Professional Blogger and an Seo expert from Kerala,India.He blogs on Daily Seo blog on Seo Techniques and Social Media Marketing.Apart from daily Seo Blog he also blogs at Manikarthik.com and helps  online companies with SEO, SMM with online marketing efforts. He Helps people with Online Marketing Techniques and if you […]

Defragment Multiple Hard Drive Partitions In Windows Without Using Any Software

Disk defragmenter is a free Windows utility which comes shipped with all versions of Windows operating system. Whether you are using Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows7, you can access Windows Disk defragmenter from Accessories . System tools > Disk defragmenter. Before going into the details of defragmenting all your hard disk drives at once, […]