Best Free Android Apps to Resize Photos
Google Android

When you are going to buy a brand-new Android smartphone, first of all, the thing comes to your mind is Camera which is one of the big factors to capture a lot of good quality photos. However, forget the past – nowadays technology upgrades with rapid acceleration, due to this reason smartphone comes with a […]

Ghostery Firefox Add-on lets You Manage All Trackers
Firefox icon

Firefox is probably the best web browsers when it comes to secure web browsing on a great user interface. You can browse any website and Firefox will perform same on all those sites. Nowadays, thousands of trackers have been launched to track your browsing behavior and offer better advertising or tailor search results. Although Firefox […]

How to Delete Broken and Dangerous Shortcuts from Windows PC

Windows operating system comes with several important functions those help people in different ways. However, the only problem of Windows is whenever you install software or delete something from the computer, a lot of files get stored on the C Drive or system drive. Although there are some programs such as CCleaner, Revo Uninstaller, etc. […]

WinBubble for Windows 10: Customize PC and Harden Security
Windows 10

Although Windows 10 is very much feature-rich, yet many people often complain because of having some privacy issues. There are many people, who haven’t even upgraded their system to Windows 10 after hearing some bad reviews about this OS version. However, if you have already installed it on your system and now you want to […]

5 Things You Can do When You are Out of Storage on Mobile

Nowadays, mobile has become our everyday partner because of the functionalities available on the current phones. So many things including camera, calendar, alarm clock, notepad, etc. have been replaced by a simple mobile phone. Over the years, cell phones have got significant updates regarding storage, camera quality, security, and overall functions. However, sometimes many people […]

How to Use Shazam to Recognize Song
Shazam app on mobile

Music is one of the best things that makes our mind refreshed within moments. Sometimes, we love the music based on the beats, lyrics, etc. There are many people, who often fall in love with music by hearing the beats. Many times, we listen to a song on YouTube or any other website and cannot […]

How to Keep Android Screen On while Reading
Reading on Amazon Kindle

Android has some and very useful features. However, some people often get problems while reading for a long time. You know that today’s people read digital books instead of physical books. If you are doing the same on Android mobile, you might face some problems. As latest Android versions are well developed, and they can […]

4 Best Free Antivirus for Windows and Mac
Computer keyboard

In every second, thousands of people are getting attacked in different ways. Some attackers are using email attachment when some people are using software to spread the malware. To get rid of those unwanted threats, there are many things you can do. The most reliable way is getting an antivirus that will protect your computer […]

Taskbar will let You Get Windows Like Taskbar on Android
Samsung mobile

Windows OS has several useful features and Taskbar is one of them that allows users to pin most favorite programs so that you can open them quickly. There is no need to navigate in Start Menu or any other place since Taskbar can help you open all the most used programs if you pin them […]

5 Best Travel Apps for Android to Explore New Places
plane over Everest

Every 2 out of 3 people love to travel and explore new places. However, most of the people cannot travel much because of the expenses. However, you can certainly save money while traveling to a new place using some apps and online booking sites. For example, you can use these following travel apps to get […]