Wonder what Rs 10 Might Get You? A Desk and A School Bag

With more than 60% rural population, India, the second largest country in the world has a very big number of people living in rural villages. Like many other things, students from rural India lack even the basics of education. As simple as a school desk are absent from the studying environment for this kids. This not just leads to poor eyesight, bad handwriting and defective posture but also contributes to a repelling mindset towards education. This was certainly an area to brainstorm.


Aarambh, a Mumbai based non-profit who works with underprivileged rural and slum people, responded to the cause with what they call Help Desk. Help Desk is a briefcase shaped school bag that can reformed into a school desk.

As the video shows, Help Desk is made with discarded cartons from dealers, retailers, recyclers, corporates etc to build a bag that not just helps those kids to carry their items to schools but also transforms into a foldable desk that they can use to sit properly. The cartons are stenciled by crafters and then cut to shape which can then be folded into a bag. This can also be unfolded in a pattern to take the shape of a desk.

Aarambh distributed Help Desk in rural areas of Maharashtra and the result was “cheerful, comfortable and effective” studying environment.

The cost of production is actually a stunner being less than Rs10 which might make this ingenious design to put to reality in many other places across India as well as other poor nations across the world.


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