2 Ways to Reset Second Generation Chromecast

Chromecast is one of the best inventions of Google and this is pretty popular because it is small, portable and easy to use. People get awesome help from Chromecast. This is very easy to cast device screen on smart TV. Previously, it was possible with the help of some software. Sometime, it created problems. Sometime, it didn’t work properly. But, if you have a Chromecast, you can certainly cast your device’s screen on any smart monitor that comes with USB and HDMI ports.

The second generation Chromecast is very much different from the first edition. In terms of looks, design, software and usability, the second generation is quite different from the first one. Previously, it looked like a pen drive. But, now, you can find a wire for HDMI port. Along with that, you can insert the USB on the back side. Anyway, as this is a device with a software, problem may occur anytime.

2 Ways to Reset Second Generation Chromecast

Suppose, your Chromecast is producing some problems and hence, you will have to reset your device. Due to any problem, if you want to reset second generation Chromecast, here you go. Here is the two different ways to factory reset the Chromecast that you are using. Please note that, this tutorial is tested on second generation Chromecast. There is no guarantee whether it will be working on first generation or not.

Reset Second Generation Chromecast

There are two different tutorials for resetting second generation Chromecast. First one will be done using the desktop app of Chromecast and the second one will be done on your mobile using the Chromecast app.

Reset Second Generation Chromecast on Desktop

You know that Chromecast has a desktop app, which works pretty same as the mobile app. You can connect with smart TV by utilizing the desktop app. If you have the desktop app, this is really very easy to reset Chromecast. It will be done within moments. At first, open the Chromecast app on your desktop and go to the start screen of the app. Scroll down and you will get an option called Factory Reset Chromecast.

Reset Chromecast on desktop

That’s it! You are done. It will reset your Chromecast within seconds.

Reset Second Generation Chromecast on Mobile

This is yet another easy guide for you. If you use mobile to do all the stuffs with Chromecast, you can certainly factory reset your device to solve any kind of problem. At first, open Chromecast app on your mobile and go to Devices tab. Here you can find all the connected devices. Just tap on more options to get Device Settings. You will get that on a popup menu.

Following that, tap on the three dotted icon. Here you can find Reboot, Reset etc. Just tap on Reset to get things done.

That’s all! Do let us know if you have any problem to reset second generation Chromecast.

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