Create 3D Animated Charts In PowerPoint With Oomfo

Microsoft PowerPoint has a built in feature to create pie charts and bar graphs from a set of data. This involves keying in the values of different metrics of the  chart and choosing the chart type from Insert >Edit Chart.

But creating 3D charts in PowerPoint and beautifying them takes a lot of time. Novice users either don’t have the expertise or lack the time needed to create a chart in PowerPoint.

Then there are some web based tools which allows you to create pie charts, ven diagrams or bar graphs but the problem with these tools is the data associated with the chart. When you want to modify the chart at a later point of time, you have to start all over from scratch, which can be very time consuming. Google Docs is a good alternative as far as organizing the data of the chart is concerned, but you are not able to create animated or 3D charts in Google Docs presentations.

That’s where oomfo fits in perfectly. It’s a free add-in for Microsoft Powerpoint which allows you to create beautiful single series, multi series, combination and stacked charts in no time. Once the add-in is installed, you can follow a simple wizard and add the chart to any of your presentation slides.

CReate 3D charts in Powerpoint

The default charting tool of PowerPoint is Microsoft Graph which creates charts in bitmap image formats. Unlike this, oomfo charts uses your computers flash player to create animated or 3D charts for PowerPoint. Using oomfo, you can also define how the charts are animated, choose different themes and also export data from an excel spreadsheet.

To see oomfo in action, watch the video demonstration below:


oomfo supports PowerPoint 2003, PowerPoint 2007 and the latest Powerpoint 2010. Thanks Kaushik

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