5 Android Launchers To Give Your Phone A Unique Look

Android launchers are one of the best ways to customize your Android phone and to instantly give it a unique look to make your device stand out from the millions of similar devices out there. But the problem with most popular Android launchers like Nova Launcher and Action launcher is that, even though they come with a lot of customizability options, they require users to manually do that.

A lot of users don’t have the time or the patience to search for the perfect wallpaper, icon pack or widget to customize every aspect of their device using an Android launcher. So, here is a list of 5 Unique Android launchers which do not come with the traditional stock Android setup seen in the Google or Motorola flagship.

Each one of them comes with an interesting twist and a lot of useful features that are not present in most Android launchers. While these are not much popular and don’t have millions of downloads, they are certainly worth trying.

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5 Android Launchers To Give Your Phone A Unique Look

Lens Launcher

The basic concept behind the Lens launcher for Android is that to place all the apps installed on the user’s phone in a single screen so that the user never have to scroll through endless pages or to search for a specific app ever again. It alters the normal size of the app icons to around 25% of the original size to make them all fit on a single page.


However, if you hover over your screen, the apps will zoom just like watching through a lens making it easier to identify the name of the app and its icon. You can also modify the settings of the Lens launcher app to change the size of your most frequently used apps so that you could access them with ease. While Lens Launcher might not sound like an ideal choice for everyone, it is definitely worth an install if you want to give a unique look to your device.

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Flow Home Launcher

If you are someone who is insanely active on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or someone who gets lots of messages and emails throughout the day, then you might find Flow home launcher really useful and interesting. The app attempts at displaying all your social media and message feeds as a live scroll on your homepage. This means all your Instagram photos, tweets and mails can be seen on your home screen.


This means that you don’t have to open every single app to know what is going on. You can just scroll through your home screen to have a glance at your social media feeds and emails. The app also allows you to set themes based on your preference. So, you can either choose to see only live feeds of images or only texts and your home screen layout will be changed accordingly.

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Linux CLI Launcher

The Linux CLI launcher turns your home screen into a command line interface just like the one on the Linux operating system. If you want to show off your phone like some technologically advanced hacking gadget to your friends, then you will really love the Linux CLI launcher.


The launcher replaces all the app icons with their name as a text found in the command interface and also instead of a custom wallpaper, the launcher comes with a black background with green coloured text. You can also set the launcher to display important information about your device like the storage or RAM available and battery percentage on the home screen.

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Anole Launcher

Unlike many launchers that make customizability their main concern, Anole Launcher is all about security. They even allow you to assign a pattern lock or a password to your home screen so that you need to enter a pattern even if you want to swipe right on your home screen to scroll between pages.


There is a secure area in the launcher where you can place some important apps like your Gallery or your contacts app and these apps can only be accessed if you enter the assigned pattern. Another interesting feature on Anole launcher is that you can create separate accounts based on your usage. Like an account for office and a one for the weekend with all the social media and entertainment apps.

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Computer Launcher

Just like the name suggests, Computer Launcher aims at bringing the Desktop Windows OS experience to Android smartphones. Just like Windows, the launcher comes with a start menu with all your apps, widgets and notifications displayed as live tiles similar to the one Microsoft introduced in Windows 8.


Computer Launcher also supports other popular Windows features like a standalone file explorer, a taskbar with your favourite apps and shortcuts and it even comes with a lot of customizable themes and exclusive wallpapers. If you want to give your phone a taste of Windows then this is the perfect choice.

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