5 Reasons why You Should Install GBoard on iPhone

If you are using iOS device, you may know that iOS has started supporting third party keyboard. That means, if you do not like the in-built keyboard of iOS, you can simply change that with your favorite keyboard. If you are a tech addicted person, who always check latest tech updates, you may know that Google has launched a third party keyboard for iOS. This keyboard is called GBoard, which is absolutely free for iOS. Although, Google has been backing Android, but never launched such a beautiful app for Android. Anyway, if you are using iOS and want to get rid of the built-in keyboard of iOS and want to use a third party keyboard, you can opt for GBaord. Why? To know the answer, just read on.

5 Reasons why You Should Install GBoard on iPhone

There are many reasons, why you should choose GBoard when it comes to third party keyboard.

5 Reasons why You should Install GBoard on iPhone

Easy to type

You can obviously use the in-built keyboard of iPhone and iPad. But, if you are using an iPhone 5S or older edition, you will certainly get problems while typing because of having such a small screen. The main problem comes out when you switch from a big Android mobile to iPhone 5S or even 6. This is where GBoard comes in. GBoard’s typing interface is much better than built-in keypad. Although, you will have the same area for keypad but this time the keyboard is much better due to having GBoard.

Gesture typing

This is the very first thing what I missed when I moved to iOS from Android. Google Keyboard comes with gesture typing, which makes things very easy to type long sentence. You do not even have to hit every word. Just use your finger to hover on letters in order to type anything. This particular thing was missing in iOS. However, if you are familiar with gesture typing, you can simply opt for GBoard.

Built in web search

This is yet another reason why you should install GBoard on iPhone. Suppose, you want to add a webpage URL with the proper title. Generally, you can leave the current app, open browser, get the URL & title and then you can paste it somewhere like Notes etc. However, if you have GBoard in your mobile, you do not have do all those things. You can simply use the GBoard to make Google search in iOS keyboard. Following that, you can include particular webpage link in anywhere.

Built in image and gif search

This is just like the aforementioned point. Apart from searching for the webpage URL, if you want to search for still image or GIF, you can simply do so with the help of GBoard. Sometime, we use GIF to do something. At such times, you can easily open your browser and download the image and send that to someone. However, if you use GBoard, you do not have to do all those things.

Dedicated settings

Generally, iOS keyboard doesn’t come with any settings. But, GBoard has some options to toggle few things. For that you will get option to enable to disable following things,

  • Glide typing
  • Emoji suggestions
  • Auto-correction
  • Auto-capitalization
  • Block offensive words
  • Character preview
  • Enable caps lock
  • Show lowercase letters

And more.

So, these are the things what make GBoard special and better than other keyboards.

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