99 days facebook challenge. Are you ready to accept it?

After the news came out about the controversial emotion study by the world’s biggest social networking site, Facebook, people all around the world have been worrying about their privacy online.

Facebook already know a lot about you. When you were born, where you did your schooling, who are your friends, your best friends and also about your love life. Your contact number, your email address, where you went for vacations etc etc.

Knowing all that information, and then experimenting with your emotions is very serious and controversial matter that was considered to be a threat to people’s privacy and emotions. Many organisations had decided to go against this, and just like them, Just, a non-profit organisation, has launched a 99 days Facebook challenge for the users of Facebook, under the name 99 days of freedom.


What’s it all about?

99 days Facebook challenge is a response to the Facebook’s mood experiment that involved hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world. This organisation is challenging you to spend 99 days without using Facebook (The reason we call it 99 days Facebook challenge.).

In the meanwhile they will contact you after 33, 66 and 99 days to check whether this experiment have any impact on your daily life? Or more importantly your happiness.

According to Facebook’s report, an average user spends around 17 minutes daily on their website. That makes around 28 hours of time for three months!! You can save all this time by just enrolling into this challenge and let them study you for good.

How to join?

If you are up for this challenge and want to test yourself, if you can bear without Facebook for all this time, you don’t have much to do. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Head over to the official website of the challenge.
  • Download your new profile picture.
  • Tell others that this might be your last activity on Facebook (at least for 3 months).
  • Enter your email address and name to enter the challenge.
  • And last, but very importantly, do not use Facebook for 99 days.

And voila!! You are up for the challenge. Now enjoy your 99 days of freedom!

If at any point you feel, this is not your cup of tea, you can always come back to Facebook, right?

So let us know you guys are up for it or is it just a pass? Sound off in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This post is in no way intended to hurt Facebook or discourage its use and its services. This is meant for informational purpose, and so it should be considered.


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