Access Blocked Sites Using Your Email Account

If you work in a corporate environment, chances are that most social sites like Facebook, orkut Myspace and in some cases YouTube is blocked at work. You are only allowed to access your official email account and not allowed to perform casual web browsing.

We have earlier discussed some workarounds to access social websites like Facebook, Orkut and Gmail when they are blocked at office. However, here is a neat trick which will let you access any publicly accessible URL directly from your email inbox.

Go to Web2PDfconvert and enter the address of the webpage you want to open. Then hit the “Submit” button and the service will convert the webpage into a PDF ebook, which can then be downloaded to your computer.

Access Blocked Sites from Your Email Account

If the Web2PDF service is itself blocked by your network connection, you can always use your email account to convert any webpage into a downloadable PDF ebook. Compose a new message, enter the URL in the subject field and send the email to

You will soon receive a PDF copy of the webpage in your email account  – download the document and use a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat to read the content of the page. If you are using Gmail and familiar with Google Docs, you can copy the document to your Google Docs account and read directly from the browser.

This service can be really useful when you want to read blogs, article or browse photos from a Flickr page, when web access is restricted at work. The only disadvantage of web2pdfconvert is that it can’t be used to watch videos e.g YouTube, Vimeo or

Web2PDFconvert is actually a PDF converter for webpages which can be used to read blog posts, Wikipedia articles or any other page in a PDF newspaper format. [ via ]



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