Access and Auto-Sync SkyDrive From Windows Explorer Without Any 3rd-Party Tool

Windows Live Skydrive offers a hefty storage (25Gb) for free. But the most annoying feature about Skydrive is that you have to drag and drop all the documents one at a time. This is a very tedious process. So let me show you how you can access your Skydrive from Windows Explorer i.e My computer. This trick doesn’t include any 3rd-party tool. This way you can bulk upload documents into your Skydrive account.

1. Visit the SkyDrive page and login. Now after you log into your account notice the address bar. You will find your unique ID there in between cid- and Refer the screenshot below if you are still not sure. Copy it to notepad. We will need it in one of the following steps.


2. Click Start button. Right-click on Computer and choose Map Network Drive…


3. In the dialog box choose your drive letter using the dropdown. I will be choosing S: for mine. Now in the Folder field (just below the Drive dropdown) type,


Replace your_skydrive_id with the ID you copied in Step 1.

NOTE: If you are willing to connect your Public folder use the following the folder field.


4. Press the button Finish. Wait up as a connection is attempted.


5. Once the connection is established the wizard will ask for your Skydrive account details. Type them and your Skydrive will be mapped.


6. Here is a sample screenshot of my Skydrive as a mapped network drive.


Now that your Skydrive account is configured copy all the documents you wish to upload to your Skydrive account to this newly created network drive. You can also create folders here. All the folders will be Private by default. To change their sharing option log in to your Windows Live account using your browser and change it from there. The afore mentioned technique is very easy to configure. But for some unknown reason, this technique does not work properly for some people. Another downside of this method is that the copying process is very slow. So to achieve good results a fast internet connection is necessary. If it doesn’t work for you feel free to drop a comment stating your problem there.


  1. I connected by skydrive no problem, but I want to change to a different skydrive account. I deleted the mapped drive and started from scratch but it does not connect to \


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