How to Add AdBlock Extension in Vivaldi Web Browser

The Vivaldi web browser is the latest web browser which just has launched in last January, 2015. It is a modern web browser and soon will become popular for its attractive and advanced features. Though, it is very new to the market and lots of features yet to come. But Vivaldi is very light-weight and the you will get lighting fast browsing experience with Vivaldi.

Chrome and Firefox are two popular most browsers as these support various add-ons. Just like opera, Vivaldi also allows users to install Chrome extensions to their Vivaldi browser. Vivaldi is a Chromium based web browser and you can install Chrome extensions very easily to Vivaldi.

Install AdBlock Chrome Extension to Vivaldi Browser

Open Vivaldi Browser.

At the address bar type the following: and download the zip file you want to install.

Extract it to the desktop.

Now type the following URL in the address bar of the Vivaldi web browser:


Check the box beside “Developer Mode”.


Then click “Load unpacked extensions” and choose the extracted folder from the desktop.

Select OK. That’s it.

You can install any Chrome extensions similarly in the Vivaldi web browser.



  1. vivaldi://chrome/extensions errors out when I try to open it in vivalidi.

    Another worthless guide written by a moron. What a waste.

  2. Same for me, just deleted chrome part of it.

    vivaldi://extensions – this one brings up a link for more extension. Vivaldi ver. 1.13.1008.32


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