How to Add Empty Folder Option in Context Menu

Although, Windows is a great and very easy to use operating system, yet, some people always spend time to learn something even when that is simple. Microsoft has designed this OS not only for professional people but also for newbies. Nowadays, 1TB hard drive is common and almost all people are using at least 1 TB hard drive. The more space you have, the most files you can store.

However, sometime, we need to delete loads of files to make the hard drive free. On the other hand, the freer hard drive you have, the more files can be stored. But, sometime we need to erase old files to store new files. Or, sometime, people use “Delete” option to make their hard drive junk free.

When, you will have to delete a lot of files or folders, you will certainly have to spend a lot of time. No matter whether you have already chosen files those need to be deleted or not, but you will have to spend some time to open those folders and delete all files. But, the overall process is pretty simple and can be done by anyone.

Now, let’s assume that you will have to keep the folder but need to delete all files those are in the folder. This time, you will have to open that folder, select all files and delete them. That’s it! But, this is much time consuming when you have thousands of folders.

How to Change Default Folder Icon in Windows 10 [Without Any Software]

To solve this problem, here is a simple solution. This tweak will let you add an Empty Folder option in the right click menu or context menu so that you can make all those folders empty without even opening them one by one. You just need to right click on any folder and select the option that will be added after doing this trick.

This time, there is no need to use any third party software. This is possible to add Empty Folder option in the context menu using Registry Editor. The important thing is the registry tweak is readily available on the web. You just need to download and run the registry tweak only one time. Following that, the option will be added automatically.

Add Empty Folder Option in Context Menu

As mentioned before, this is very easy and not much time consuming. You just need to download a registry tweak from Tenforums. Therefore, just head over to this link and download the file. Following that, double-click on it and hit the YES button on UAC popup.

After adding the option, your context menu will be looking like this,

Add Empty Folder option in Context Menu

To make any folder empty, just right click on that and select Empty Folder option. After that, you will get a command prompt window where you will need to press the Y button to complete the process.

confirmation window to make folder empty

That’s all! In this way, you can easily make any folder empty without opening it.

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