How to Add Image to Gmail Signature

Gmail is certainly the best email service provider, which is being used by millions of people from across the globe. Most of the people use Gmail because this is free, easy to use and the Gmail app is available for almost all platforms including Android. On the other hand, you can use Gmail in most of the email clients those are readily available for most of the platforms. For example, you can use Outlook for Windows to use Gmail. Similarly, there are more other apps for other platforms to use Gmail.

Gmail has several awesome features. Alike other email services, you can use signature in Gmail as well. This signature part is one of the best place for anyone to provide more information about you. For example, you are an owner of a new company, what need to be spread as soon as possible. At this time, you can simply put your company name in your Gmail signature in order to let your recipients know about your company. Similarly, you can do the same with any other things. There are many web companies, which often hire social media poster and implement people to share their post on various social networking websites. If you are working in such a position, you can certainly add your social media profile links in your Gmail signature to let other know about your profile and you get some exposure. There are many other usage of Gmail signature.

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By default, you can use text as Gmail signature. You can write your website name, provide social media profile links, or your name or anything else, but you have to use text. Unfortunately, most of the recipients often overlook the text signature. Therefore, this is a good practice to use image as Gmail signature. If you want to add image to Gmail signature, do follow this guide.

Add Image to Gmail Signature

At first, download some social icons or that image set or one image that you want to add to Gmail signature. You can use various icon download sites to get social media site icons i.e. Facebook icon, Twitter icon, Google Plus or LinkedIn icon etc. Just make sure that is 32 x 32 pixel. Otherwise, it won’t look good. You will otherwise ruin your Gmail signature.

Now, open Gmail account where you want to use those images. Here, you can find a gear button on your right hand side. Click on this and go to Settings.

In the General tab, you can find an option called Signature where you have to add your image. Here you will get an option called “Insert image”.

Add Image to Gmail Signature

Click on this to upload your image. Now, select your image and hit the “Link” button.

add clickable link to image in gmail signature

You will get an option called “Change”. Click on this button and insert your link. You can use any URL as the web address.

That’s it! At last, don’t forget to save your changes. Otherwise, it will be discarded.

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