Lets you Add Custom Comments on Any Webpage

Annotating certain webpages with custom comments or markers becomes very necessary in some situations. Some of the examples may be:

  • There is a really long article on some blog which is worth a read and you want to share it with your friends. You don’t want your friend to read the entire article, instead you want to highlight certain portions of the content and then share the selected portion with a group of people.
  • Your friend is a computer noob and he is in need of your guidance. You point him to a webpage but he is unable to understand anything and stares on the screen for nothing.

In such situations, an annotation tool can be really handy. You can draw custom marks and attach comments on any webpage and then share the customized content with anyone. The latest app to join the annotation club is and it’s simply superb. lets you add custom comments and marks on any webpage of your choice. Simple drag and drop the following bookmarklet in your browser’s bookmarks toolbar.

Markup Drag and drop in bookmarks toolbar

Once the bookmarklet is in place, you are ready to clip a portion of any webpage and add markers or comments to it. Just hit the bookmarklet and it will load a custom toolbar, as shown below:

Add Markers and Comments to any webpage using Mark.ioThe toolbar consists of the following buttons:

  • Object selection tool – It lets you select either a rectangular or a circular object. You can also choose to select the pen tool and start marking specific areas of a webpage.
  • The Text Tool: This tool allows you to add a text box and then write anything on the text box. The text notes can be moved anywhere on the page, this is very useful when you want to add comments or suggestions next to specific elements of the webpage.
  • Color selection: The last one is the color selection tool which allows you to choose a color for the markup.

Just select any of the above tools and drag on the screen to create a mark or note. The result is pretty impressive, an example is shown below:

Add Markers and COmments in Any webpageWhen you are done adding all the notes, annotations or marks, hit the publish button and the bookmarklet will generate a custom URL for the annotation you just created. Now you can share this URL with anyone and he will be able to see your customized annotation (see example)

The impressive thing is that your friend can also add custom comments on the same page and share it back. The resulting page will be in HTML (not an image), hence he/she would be able to select text or copy the content to any other application.

There is nothing to download or install, and it works with any web browser you are using – Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. Give it a try !

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