How to Add Music to Groove Music in Windows 10

Windows 10 came with loads of new features and options. Microsoft made significant improvement in Windows 10 and added some new apps as well. Despite having Windows Media player, Microsoft has included another new music player called Groove Music. It comes with some cool features. The most beautiful thing is you can purchase music directly from the player. Once, you buy a song from any device, you can find that on all the devices in Groove Music player app.

In terms of color scheme, interface and features, Groove Music player is simply awesome. However, it has a drawback. You cannot play music until or unless you add them manually. That means, if you have songs in different more than one folder, you will have to add all those folders to Groove Music or consolidate all those folders in one. That is where Groove Music cannot excel.

How to Add Music to Groove Music in Windows 10

That means, if you want to play music from different folders, you will have to add the folder at first. By default, Groove Music can fetch music from your Music folder that has a path like C:\Users\User_name\Music. Apart from that, this player cannot detect music from other folder. You can certainly play music by adding them manually or opening with that player, but to fetch the music automatically, you will have to do the following thing.

This post attempts to add music to Groove Music in Windows 10. You will not have to install any other third party software. Groove Music has the option by default. You just need to make use of that.

Add Music to Groove Music in Windows 10

At first, open Groove Music app in Windows 10 and click on the Settings button from your left hand side. Therefore, you will get an option called Choose where we look for music. Just click on that.

Add Music to Groove MusicAdd Music to Groove Music

Following that, you will get a popup like this.

Add Music to Groove Music in Windows 10

Click on the plus sign and select your ultimate music folder before clicking on Add this folder to Music.

That’s it! After that, Groove Music will fetch all the songs from that selected folder. Now, you can play any music from that given list.

Hope this tutorial will help you a lot.


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