Add Nofollow Links From WordPress Post Editor

When writing blog posts in WordPress default editor, often you would link to an external site or to the internal pages of your blog. Some of them are do follow links and you would want to flow pagerank or Google juice to the external site. But in some situations, you may want to add a nofollow link to the blog post published in the external site.

The problem with WordPress’s WYSYIG editor is that there is no option to add no follow links using the link button. You have to switch to the HTML view of the blog post and then add the nofollow attribute to the links manually. (e.g <a rel=”nofollow” href=””>text</a>)

This is painful, if you have half a dozen of links in a single article and you have to manually nofollow them one by one. However, here is a plugin which will let you add nofollow links directly from the link button on the WordPress post editor.

Add Nofollow links from WordPress Post editor

To get the plugin working, head over to this page and download the zip file. Then upload the package to the wp-content/plugins directory and activate the plugin from WordPress administration area. Done !

When you write a new blog post, you will notice a new checkbox added to the link button. Simply select the checkbox and the link will be nofollowed. Handy !

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