Add Option to Edit Post by Contributor even after Publishing

There is no doubt that WordPress is the best and easy to use content management system out there. However, you know that nothing is perfect. Hence, you can get some issues on WordPress as well. If you have a multi-author blog and some contributors to write on your blog, you can get a problem. This problem actually faced by news blog owners/editors. On the other hand, you can get this problem if you have enabled guest post.

Add Option to Edit Post by Contributor even after Publishing

If you offer a Contributor account to other writers i.e. guest author and other authors, those authors might have already told you to make some edits even after publishing their post. Or, suppose, one of your authors has written on a news that is transitory. You supposed to update that post just after getting any latest update.

However, the problem is, WordPress doesn’t offer any option to the contributors to make any edit if a post is published. That particular post requires administrator privilege in order to get edit. Your contributors will get only View option after getting published.

Default Contributor Setting of WordPress

If you often face this problem on your blog, here is a WordPress plugin that will let contributor edit even after publishing the post. There might have tons of solution for the same problem but I think this particular solution doesn’t need any expert knowledge or anything else. Therefore, all you have to do is install a plugin and that’s all.

This plugin is known as Revisionary and this is tested on 3.8.3 as well. Not only the edit option but also it provides a scheduled edit, front-end preview and more other options. Here is a compact list of available features

  • Schedule Revisions
  • Asynchronous Publishing
  • Prevent Revisors from editing others’ revisions
  • Email revisions

And more others.

How to use Revisionary?

This is very easy. At first, install this plugin and activate it. You can either use any FTP client to upload this plugin in the right directory or you can install it right from WordPress dashboard. After installing it, you need to activate this plugin.

Although, the default settings will let you manage all the things but still you can check the settings by navigating to Settings >> Revisionary.

After activating this plugin, your contributors will let three options i.e. Edit, Quick Edit, and View.

After installing Revisionary

Now, this is possible to make edit by your contributor and submit that for review. As an admin, you can compare both versions e.g. with and without revisions. After checking the update, you can publish it right away.

Hope this plugin will let you a lot.

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