Add QR Codes To Your Blog Posts For Easy Distribution Of Content [WordPress]

QR codes are actually very handy, they can be attached to any webpage and visitors or readers coming to your site from a  mobile device can quickly scan the embedded QR code to find additional information. A QR code is nothing but a matrix bar code which can be scanned or “read” by QR scanners and mobile phones. The information which can be obtained from a QR code is text, file names, data and most importantly – URL’s and web addresses.

If you write a blog and want to embed a QR code in your site, WordPress or blogger blog, the following video tutorial by Jesse will be a good start


Creating or generating QR codes for each of your blog posts (self hosted WordPress) is very easily achieved. Open the single.php file of your currently active WordPress theme and add the following code to the position, where you want the QR code for each blog post to appear

<img src="×100&chl=<?php the_permalink(); ?>" width="100" height="100" />

The above code generates the URL which would pull in the image with the QR code for each of your blog posts, published from WordPress. The <?php the_permalink(); ?>  dynamically replaces the URL, so you won’t want to touch that segment, if you want to automatically embed the URL of the blog post in the QR code that is being fetched. For individual static pages, static websites, blogger blogs or other URL’s, you may replace the <?php the_permalink(); ?>  with the actual URL of the page in question.

[ via Lifehacker ]

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