How to Add A Subdomain In GoDaddy And Forward It To Tumblr

I am a big fan of Tumblr, this is probably the only microblogging site after posterous which lets you setup a blog really quick and write about the things you care about. Tumblr is very minimalist, there aren’t much options and the look and feel is perfect. Above all, Tumblr comes with a great motley of themes so it is indeed a good idea to buy a personal domain name and start your personal blog on Tumblr (see some good portfolio themes for Tumblr). I also use Tumblr to write my personal private Journal.

I write my personal blog here but now I have decided to use the homepage of my personal website as a landing page for my internet identity. The new address of my blog will be, so the other day I was trying to add a subdomain to my GoDaddy account and point it to Tumblr.

The steps aren’t that easy and straightforward so I thought I will write it down so I can remember it and refrence it later. If you want to add a subdomain to your Godaddy account and want the subdomain to point to a TUmblr blog, here are the things you need to do:

1. Login to your Tumblr account, select your Tumblr blog and hit the “Settings” button.

Select the checkbox “Use a custom domain name” and enter the name of the subdomain you want to point to the selected Tumblr blog. Don’t save your changes yet, keep this page open in one of the browser tabs.

2. Open a new browser tab and login to your Godaddy account. Under “All Products”, select “Domains” and click on “Domain management”.

3. Choose your domain name from the list.

4. This will open the domain management panel for your selected domain name. Now, navigate to the “DNS zone file” tab and click on the “Edit” button under “Zone file”.

5. This will launch the zone file editor for the selected domain. Here you can add an A record or a CNAME Alias to your domain name and create your subdomain name. You can then do a lot of other things e.g forward the subdomain to Tumblr, forward the subdomain to another host and so on and so forth.

Hit the “Add record button”

6. This will open an overlay window where you can add a CNAME alias for your selected domain and setup your sub domain name.

Choose the record type as “CNAME alias”, enter the name of the subdomain as “Alias name” and point the host name to Choose the TTL as 1 hour.

7. Fall back to your Tumblr blog settings page and save your changes.

All done. Usually the DNS changes takes around 48 hours to propagate across the internet but in my case, the changes propagated within 30 minutes. I was able to add a subdomain to my domain at Godaddy and then I redireted the subdomain to my Tumblr blog.

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