How to Add Two Instagram Accounts on Android and iPhone

Instagram is a well-liked image sharing platform that is getting used by over 300 million individuals from across the globe. Nowadays, Instagram has more astounding features compared to initial one. For instance, you can now upload any size of photo, which was merely square in the very first days. Subsequently, this is also actually possible to upload videos to Instagram. Instagram is preferred as a consequence of numerous things. For example, the characteristics, simplicity of use, app accessibility and cost. This is absolutely free of cost for everyone which is probably the most fashionable reason, why Instagram is so much popular.

Having said that, the official Instagram app for Android and iOS has been updated and now you is capable of doing one intriguing thing. You can certainly add two Instagram accounts on Android and iPhone or iPhone.

There are many people, who have more than one Instagram account. For example, an office employee has to manage his personal account as well as official account. At such moment, it was really very difficult to manage more than one account on a single mobile. You may have signed out and signed in to the new account and use this method to manage more than one Instagram account. Although, there are some third party apps to do the same thing, yet, here is the official method that will let you add two Instagram accounts on Android and iPhone within moments.

Nevertheless, some people have claimed that their Instagram app doesn’t contain such option, what is required for this trick. They are true because Instagram is rolling out this feature slowly. Hence, you may have to wait for few more days to get it in your bag.

Add Two Instagram Accounts on Android and iPhone

Add Two Instagram Accounts on Android

This is very easy and not much time consuming. As this is the official method, you do not have to install any other third party app if you already have the Instagram app on your mobile.

At first, open your Instagram app and sign in with your one account’s credential. It can be either primary or secondary or personal or office account. It doesn’t matter what account you have; you just need to sign in to your account. Following that, go to Account tab and tap on the three dotted button that is placed on the top right section. If you are using iOS, you may find a gear button. Now, scroll down and find out Add Account option. After tapping on this, you can add your second account of Instagram.

How to Add Two Instagram Accounts on Android and iPhone

Now, if you want to switch from one account to another account, just expand the drop-down menu from Accounts tab and select the other account.

That’s it! This official method is really very useful for them, who have to manage more than one Instagram accounts.


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