Add Voice and Video Narration to PowerPoint and PDF Documents

If you always wanted to add voice narration to your PowerPoint presentations or PDF documents without much hassle, here is an online tool which will be useful.

SlideSix is a brilliant slideshow hosting service which lets you upload PowerPoint and PDF documents to the web and add voice narration to the slides. You can play the slides one by one and record the audio online using a microphone. You can also add YouTube videos to your PowerPoint slides by simply pasting in a YouTube video URL.

The resulting presentation can then be shared with anyone or embedded in your blog/website . Let’s see how SlideSix works.

After you have signed up for an account, login to the management console of SlideSix and upload your PowerPoint presentations or PDF document. Once the upload is complete, double click the presentation thumbnail and the slides will load in the presentation viewer

Add Voice Narration to Powerpoint and PDF Documents

Adding Voice Narration:

To begin recording your voice, click the “Record” button at the left top of the browser window. SlideSix will automatically detect any webcam or microphone attached to your computer. You can then play the slides one by one while the narration is recorded in the background. Once your narration is over, SlideSix will save your presentation which can then be viewed from the browser.

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Adding YouTube Videos in Your Presentation:

SlideSix allows you to add videos from YouTube by performing a search from the SlideSix management console. You can paste a video URL or record a video directly using your computer’s webcam.

The video can be added to the beginning or end of a slide. It will be a really good idea to use SlideSix, add some interesting videos to your presentations and make a superb impression in front of a live audience. You can find relevant videos from YouTube and attach them in proper slides of your presentation.

Add YouTube Videos in Powerpoint presentations

Invite other people to View or Collaborate on Your Presentation

SlideSix lets you invite other users to your presentation console and then they can collaborate and view your presentation. A group of people can share notes, attachments and all of them can view the presentation simultaneously while sharing ideas.

To know more about Slideshow, watch the following presentation:

The service supports the older PowerPoint format only (ppt). You can try Slide Six without creating an account using the trial uploader.

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