Adobe PaintCan: Free iOS App to Convert Image into Hand-Painted Work

Nowadays, everyone is busy with Prisma – the most trending and useful app to convert images into art work. However, if you need a light-weight alternative to Prisma, you can check out Adobe PaintCan. This is a free app available for iOS.

Adobe is one of the most modern software development companies out there, which is mainly popular for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier Pro, etc. They are all image and animation related tool for Windows and Mac. However, here is another image editing tool but for iOS.

Less or more – we all are photographers, and we all want to give a special touch to our pictures to make it look professional. There are many online and offline image editing tools available for the various platform. For example, you can Fotor, Aviary Photo Editor, Photo Effects 360 and more others. There are many other online tools as well those can be accessed from anywhere having a good internet connection. However, sometimes, you may need to get a simple tool that is specialized in a particular thing. It can be art work, vintage or anything else. However, if you need to convert an image into hand-painted work, just head over Adobe PaintCan.

Adobe PaintCan: Free iOS App to Convert Image into Hand-Painted Work

Like said before, Adobe PaintCan for iOS is free to use, and you can get it on US App Store. The main problem with this tool is you must have to know English as it is available only in English. On the other hand, you should have iOS 7.1 or later version to install this app. The best part is you can download Adobe PaintCan for iPhone as well as iPad.

Adobe PaintCan is a very easy to sue app for iOS that doesn’t contain a huge list of features. Instead, you can only add some oil painting effects on your image. It provides the option to choose an image from existing gallery or using the camera. After download PainCan on your iOS device, you should get a screen something like this,

PaintCan start screen

You might have to give a couple of permissions so that it can access your device properly and you can get more out of this tool. For example, it needs Photos access, Camera access, etc. After opening an image, you can use all the tools those are provided here. You can use brushes those are visible on the bottom of your screen. You can also show or hide layer using some tools those are visible on the top menu bar.

PaintCan Image open

At last, don’t forget to save the image to your gallery. You can also share your edited image right from Adobe PaintCan.

As mentioned before, it is capable of adding oil painting effects only. Therefore, if you like, you can download this tool from here.

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