Google Adsense Ads Will Now Load More Faster At The Client’s Browser

speed-up-loading-timeSome good news for bloggers or webmasters who use Adsense ads on their blogs and are always worried on how to speed up the loading time of Adsense ads eventually speeding up the loading time of their websites.

Google is pushing an update to the Adsense codes and making it more faster.

What this means is that Google Adsense units will load more faster as compared to before, Google says that they ran through a lot of experiments and found  that Adsense ads add up to 12% of the total loading time of a site (Average). Now that Google has finally announced that Adsense As will render more faster at the client end, this should relieve bloggers and webmasters who try all sorts of things like compressing CSS, JavaScript’s, CSS spiriting images and so on.

No you won’t need to change any of the codes on your website or blog and neither create new Adsense units from scratch. Google has made this change automatically to all the older as well as existing ad units, hence making life easy for webmasters and bloggers who run Adsense ads on their websites.

Some Tips On Speeding Up Your Website

I am sure you know all the basic stuff regarding improving your site’s loading time, but here are a couple of more tips which are quick to implement:

1. Modify your site’s template and Embrace Absolute positioning:  Using Absolute positioning loads the content first and rest of the elements in the background. The advantage of CSS absolute positioning is that the visitor can start reading through the content, while the rest of the page loads in the background.

Agree that CSS absolute positing is not very easy to implement, but once you have done it, you won’t regret.

Note: This blog’s template uses absolute CSS positioning. If you look into the source code, you will find that the header and other sidebar elements load after the content section.

2. Switch to Asynchronous Google Analytics Code:  Using Google Analytics Asynchronous code loads your site more faster and you get the actual figure for page views, unique visitors which might be lost when the visitor closed the browser window before the page has finished loading completely.

And since the newer Google Analytics code uses asynchronous JavaScript, your website will load much more faster ( the code is loaded in the background and rendering does not depend whether or not the JavaScript has executed completely).

Google says that the newer developments are applicable for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer users, while support for more browsers will be added soon.


  1. Bro, i want to use Adsense but unfortunately, m website load time increased a lot when i put google ads on my website can you tell me how to fix that?

  2. ive tried async on googe adsense, but it still affects my googlepage score. My google page speed score is 100, but with adsense and analytics, its down 2points to 98.


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