Get 5GB Of Free Online Cloud Storage via Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud-0 The new era of computing and internet is surely summed by one word: cloud.

This is the era of cloud computing, cloud storage and is rapidly moving towards the ‘everything-cloud’ notion. Today we’ll be discussing a bright prospect in cloud storage.

Cloud storage is a concept which revolves around providing the user with online storage which may be physically distributed but provides a single autonomous storage view to the end user. This cloud storage can be accessed by the user from multiple locations without any hassle. The latest internet giant to venture into cloud storage after Google and many others is Amazon.

Amazon has started a cloud storage service based on their own Simple Storage Service (3) solution which aims to provide a full 5GB of cloud storage space for Amazon customers free of charge. Moreover, if a user purchases one music album in a calendar year, the storage limit entitled to that user increases up to 20 GB.

In order to avail the Amazon cloud drive service, you need to signup as an Amazon user which requires a simple registration process to be completed. Once you’ve signed up and logged in, the real fun begins.

Amazon Cloud-1

The Cloud Drive provides a simple pane based navigational UI which is easy to work with. On the left hand side pane you have the folders in which you can easily categorize the files being added to cloud storage. also read: AVG LiveKive offers 5GB of online storage for free

The New Folder button makes a new folder in the specified category folder. Files can also be downloaded and deleted using the Download and Delete buttons respectively. There are advanced options as well which include renaming files, moving and replacing/copying them from one folder to the other.

Amazon Cloud-2

Files can be uploaded using the Upload Files button and a license agreement must be accepted before uploading any files.

Amazon Cloud-3

Cloud Storage also allows lists to be maintained regarding any downloads or purchases you make using Amazon with a complete history of the MP3 purchases you made on Amazon. Other handy features include sorting files by size, name, folder etc.

Amazon Cloud-4

Amazon’s cloud storage is basically a great service for regular Amazon users because not only it provides them with a hefty and adequate amount of online storage, but also makes them easily manage their download and purchase history. We highly recommend Amazon Cloud Drive for all.

Signup and use Amazon’s Cloud Drive here.


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