AMPY Charges Your Mobile with Body Motion Power

How often you have attempted to charge your mobile by shaking? Definitely! This is a typical misstep done by the vast majority of us. When I got my mobile for the first time, I installed an app that was suggested by one of my friends to charge my mobile by shaking. After that, I came to know the truth that to get charge with shaking, mobile should have a medium.

AMPY charges smartphone

Despite the fact that, previously, it was nothing but a dream but now you can charge your mobile with your body movement. AMPY is such a  great venture that is being funded via Kickstarter. You will love the workflow of AMPY and show your distinct fascination to try it right away.

AMPY is a little wearable gadget like smartwatch or Google Glass or Fitness Band however, it works in great way to provide charge to your mobile, smartwatch and Fitness bands. It assembles power from your movement. That implies, you need to convey it wherever you go.

AMPY Project Materials

You can wear AMPY anywhere you want. All it needs is bit merciless motion. You can stroll to power up the AMPY. On the other hand, it will be better to get speedier control on AMPY by cycling or running. You do not have to be an athletic. You can wear AMPY with its band on your leg or arm while running in the morning or playing with friends.

Wear AMPY Anywhere

As of now, AMPY can charge any USB device including USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and micro-USB port device. That means, you can charge mobile, smartwatch and fitness bands. Presently, AMPY is not capable to charge tablet or laptop since it has not much power. However, the developers are working on this.

As indicated by AMPY owners, you can charge your mobile just like a wall outlet. You ought not to imagine that it can’t charge as a wall outlet does. Both come with same power and same AC outlet. AMPY has a 1000 mAh battery to provide charge. That means, a typical day’s motion will help you to get more 3 hours battery reinforcement to your mobile, 24 hours battery backup to your smartwatch and 72 hours of battery backup to your fitness band.

AMPY accessories

Just walk 10k steps (which is practically easy for them who do morning walk) or cycle for 1 hour or run for 30 minutes to get more charge. The most delightful thing is AMPY is water resistant. That means, you do not have to worry about getting sweaty.

So, this is AMPY! Hope this little contraption would help you a lot. Actually, this is an incredible concept because nowadays we are suffering from low battery life. Hence, we face various problems many times. What do you think about this?

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