Use Your Windows PC To Install Apps On Your Android Phone

Recently I came across an amazing Windows based application that facilitates installing Android Apps on your Android powered smartphone from your PC. Android Injector is the name of the application and it lets you install multiple apps on your Android phone straight away from your Windows PC. It doesn’t require you to install or copy the APK files on your Phone.


There are loads of Android apps that are available in the Android Market and those that you can install directly on your device. Apart from these apps there are thousands of others that are not present on Android market and are found on third party platforms, sites and blogs like GetJar. Android Injector proves to be handy while installing the later.

Normally if we want to install Android apps that are not available in the Android Market on our phone then the process is pretty complicated and full of hassle. You have to download the APK file on your computer, mount it on the phone’s SD card and then access that particular file from phone’s browser. So if you want to get rid of this irritating process then Android Injector is the application that you should resort to.

Android injector UI

Android Injector basically enables you to do one thing and execute it perfectly, that is it enables you to pick multitude of APK files on your Windows based PC and install all of them in a batch installation mode on your Android powered phone that is connected to your PC via USB cable. One pre-condition is that your phone’s USB drivers should be properly installed on the PC and it should be recognized by PC.

How To Batch Install APK Files Using  Android Injector

Here is what you need to do:

  1. The first step that you need to do is select the files that you need to install. Click on “Select File(s)” button to select multiple files simultaneously. Moreover, you can also drag and drop APK files on the app.
  2. When all the apps are loaded, you just have to click “Install to Device” and Android Injector app will handle the rest.
  3. The application will show you the installation progress of each App and will automatically abort app installation if the app is already present on the phone.
  4. Once the installation procedure is complete, clicking on the “Click here for Details” Button will show you the installation Logs and details.
  5. If your device is not recognized properly due to some missing USB drivers then Android Injector will give you an immediate failure.

If you are having some problems in the device recognition then clicking on “Check for attached device” button will give you the errors in detail. Android Injector is a free application to install android apps from Windows PCs running on Vista, XP and Windows 7.

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