Android N to Come with Night Mode and Navigation in Settings

Google has launched Android M or Android Marshmallow with some cool features those are being attracted by millions of people from across the globe. Although, not all mobile manufacturers have provided Android Marshmallow to all the users but Google is working on another version of Android. Although, Google has not told anything about this but they always do so.

The next Android version of Android N (as codenamed) will certainly contain some brand new features and some enhanced options. According to a screenshot published by Android Developers blog, Android N or the next Android version will come with Night Mode and Navigation in Settings.

Android Developer

What is “Night Mode” in Android N?

Night Mode helps users to change the color scheme of your display so that you can read the text without having eye strain. According to a published report of Apple, iOS is going to get similar feature, which is called NightShift. Although, Google has not told anything about this new feature, but it will be different from the iOS’ NightShift.

Night Mode in Android N

Anyway, when you have low light, you should certainly need more black areas on your screen. Therefore, we reduce the brightness to the minimum in order to read correctly what is on your screen because more brightness to not help anymore in low light area. At such moment, if you can replace black with white and white with black, you can read better. Google is working on the same thing to bring that to Android N and that is Night Mode in Android N.

What is “Navigation in Settings” in Android N?

Every mobile platform comes with a stock app called Settings. You can do various things right from Settings. For example, you can change Wi-Fi settings, Bluetooth settings, cellular data settings or manage profile or do anything else right from the Settings. But, almost all mobile platforms have no Navigation in Settings. That means, if you need to switch to Wi-Fi settings from Bluetooth settings, you will have to press the back button. Therefore, you can do what is mentioned above.

Navigation in Settings in Android N

However, the Navigation will help you to get rid of that back button. Instead of pressing the back button to switch from one settings to another, you can simply tap on the Navigation menu and go to another set of options. This is as simple as said.

Final Word

Android N will certainly bring many new features and we have started getting glimpse from now. Therefore, you can imagine how good this version is going to be. Anyway, these two features are most awaited in Android among users. Therefore, Google is finally including them in their next Android edition.


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