Rumour:Android powered Lumia phones on their way

Well this is quite a news. And it comes from the so-far-correct twitter leaker @evleaks.

@evleaks have a reputation of leaking fairly correct information so far and have managed to leak some important bits of information from all around the tech industry. Either it is Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia or Microsoft. They all have been victims at the hands of this leaker,

And this time, according to a recent tweet, @evleaks have something very strange and unexpected to say.

Here is the tweet posted:

As of now we know that Microsoft have been struggling hard to give a boost its Mobile OS, Windows Phone 8. After the recent announcement of a major update to its OS aka Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft is trying to close the gap in the market share it has from Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS.

Android is dominating the Mobile OS platform with over 77% of the total share of the smartphone market with iOS sitting at second place with around 11% of the total market share.

Windows Phone recently gained the third place by surpassing Blackberry after their failure in the area. The OS still lacks some crucial features and app availability that one can easily find in Android and iOS. And Windows Phone 8.1 is anticipated to boost the market share and adaptability of Microsoft’s mobile OS.

If we were to believe this leak, and Microsoft do have similar plans, then this seems like a strange decision for a company, going on a way to undercut its own mobile OS for a rival’s one. Because an Android powered Lumia will definately affect the existing Lumias running Windows Phone 8 and above.

On the other hand, we can see it as a plus for Android lovers who have been missing the beautiful Lumia design methodology and have to bear up with the Nokia X series. Now they can expect some beautiful designed phones coming to the android ecosystem.

But, take it with a grain of salt, as it is still a rumour and nothing have yet been confirmed with Microsoft. We will keep you updated on any further news on this.

Till then tell us what you think of this? Which version of Android will these devices run? Will it be the newly announced Android L? Or some other one? Or whether we should wait for something like this at all?

Sound off in the comments below.


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