ANVISOFT PC Plus – Most light weight System Tweaker for Windows

Windows is the most popular and easy to use operating system out there. Without having any doubt, this is confirmed that there is no alternative to this OS when it comes to ease of access. However, you know that nothing is perfect in this world and Windows OS is also one of them. The only problem I have faced in the past few years is that it becomes much slower over the time.

Nobody loves to use a slow machine. No matter, what kind of work you do with your computer but you must need a fast working PC to get things done faster and without having any issue. There might have tons of reasons behind this slowness but today I am going to introduce only some of the problems and their single solution.

PC Doctor

Whenever, you install a software in your computer, it creates tons of files automatically those are necessary to run that particular program. That is OKEY. There should not be any problem with those files, when you that software is on your PC. But, the problem occurs when you uninstall that software. The basic uninstallation procedure of Windows doesn’t allow anyone to delete corresponding registry files and other program files. Therefore, Windows keeps all those unnecessary files even after uninstalling that program. This is just one type of problem. There are many other similar problems.

To solve all these and other similar issues, today I am going to introduce ANVISOFT PC Plus that will let you deal with. This is a free software and available for Windows 7 and Windows 8. You can also use it on Windows XP but make sure that you have at least Service Pack 2.

User Interface

ANVISOFT PC Plus – Most light weight System Tweaker for Windows

The visual design looks awesome since it comes with minimum features. The latest trend of design, Flat UI, is included in this software. The first thing is it has fewer features and the second considerable point is all the features are well managed. You can find all the options in the sub-menu those are managed by primary categories.

Features of ANVISOFT PC Plus

It has five main menus and each of them are mentioned below.

Desktop Icon

Desktop icon in ANVisoft PC Plus

It has solutions of some little yet very irritating problems with desktop icons. For instance, you can fix the following issues;

  • Black box instead of shortcut icon
  • Awkward icon instead of shortcut icon
  • Remove or add Windows icon check boxes
  • Delete shortcut arrow
  • Edit or remove shortcut text
  • Add Recycle Bin
  • Delete Windows white flag from Taskbar
  • Remove Network icon from taskbar
  • Remove volume icon from Taskbar

Network Issues

Network Issue in ANVI Soft PC Plus

If you have any issue with Internet Explorer, this tab is perfect for you. You can solve the following problems;

  • Fix Internet Explorer crashing
  • Fix awkward IE Window title
  • Fix webpage displays blue text with white background in IE
  • Fix IE cannot display the webpage
  • Fix homepage is accessible but other pages are not issue in IE
  • Add menu bar in IE
  • Fix problems with image loading in IE


System error in ANVI soft PC Plus

This tab is really useful since this is covered with some very important tiny tweaks.

  • Clear all details from IE
  • Fix failed to access Task Manager
  • Fix unable to display file extension
  • Add notice when log on Windows
  • Fix Registry Editor issue
  • Restore all Taskbar changes
  • Remove temporary files


Software Issue in Anvisoft PC plus

Sometime, we face various issues like MSVCR110.dll is missing or like that. This Windows tweaker can handle with them too. It can fix the following error;

  • dll missing
  • D3dx*.dll missing
  • *eay32.dll missing
  • VC13 missing
  • Unable to open Office docs

Apart from all of them, ANVISOFT PC Plus can also handle gaming issues. But, the support is very limited for gaming. You can fix Unable to fullscreen 3D game and some other related issues.


After checking all the features, you might have thought that it is not up to the mark. To be honest, this is not as good as a system tweaker should be. It is mainly developed for Internet Explorer and its problems. But, being a free program, this is quite good, when you check rest of the features.

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