ApowerPDF Review: An Easy But Professional PDF Tool

ApowerPDF is a professional program which can be used to convert, edit, view and create PDF files. Furthermore, this can also help users in managing pages and adding protection. To further assist you to know the features of this incredibly great tool, check the guide below about the review of ApowerPDF.

Open and View PDF

This tool can let users open and view a PDF file. On the main interface, click on “File” > “Open” and then choose the PDF file on your computer. Click on “Open” to confirm. Furthermore, you can also choose the page display of the file. Just navigate “View” > “Page Display” and decide whether you want it to be Single Page View, Two Page View, Two Page Scrolling, etc. You can also magnify it by going through the “Zoom” section.

Create PDF

One of the best features of this tool is letting users create a PDF file. Just simply hit the “Create” button on the interface so that you can start off with a blank document. You may also create from local files where you can import Excel, PowerPoint, Images, Text or Word files.

Convert PDF

Converting PDF files to various other image formats can also be done with this tool. Click the “Convert” button and choose the format that you want to use. You may convert a PDF file to Bitmap, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and more.

Edit PDF

Editing a PDF document is so easy with ApowerPDF. Just hit the “Edit” tab and you may then start editing the text and image content of the PDF file. Furthermore, you can also add links to the content if you wish to.

For content editing, all you need to do is to choose the “Edit Text & Images” button which can be found under “Edit” tab. Through that, you can modify images and texts of the document. Moreover, simply click the “Add Text” button if you want to add text in whichever part of the page. In case you would like to insert an image, you may just hit the “Add Image” button. Note that you may adjust the image size by clicking and dragging it inside the document’s page.

To add links to a PDF file, just simply hit “Links” and “Insert Rectangle Link.” Next, drag a rectangle region on the page and a new window will then appear. It will ask you to customize the link’s appearance. You may also have the option of opening a web link, going to a page view or going to a named position.

Manage Pages

PDF pages can also be managed under the “Pages” tab. You may insert file and another blank page. Furthermore, you may also delete, extract, replace, crop, rotate PDF pages and split document. Additionally, you can also adjust the page design by managing the header and footer, watermark, bates numbering and background. Here is a quick guide for you.

Manage PDF Pages

Insert From File: This feature allows users to insert another PDF file to the current file. You may also decide where you want to put the file. Just simply click the “Insert From File” button.

Insert Blank Page: To insert a blank page into the PDF document, click the “Insert Blank Page” button. You may put it in any part of the document and set how many pages you would like to add.

Delete: Users can also delete pages by clicking the “Delete” button. Just remember to be specific on which page you want to eliminate.

Extract: You can extract one page or pages under the “Extract” button.
Replace: Replacing a specific page with a new one is easy by just hitting the “Replace” button. Note that you may lose the pages that you will use for replacement.

Split Document: Under the “Split Document” tab is where you can split the PDF file by file size, top level bookmarks and number of pages.

Crop: On the “Crop” button is where you can crop a part of the PDF file. After clicking on “Crop”, drag a rectangular shape on the part of the page that you want to crop and then double click on it. The Crop Pages dialog box will then appear. Apply the necessary settings that you will need.

Rotate: If you want to rotate a page, just simply go to “Pages” > “Rotate”, then choose the direction as Clockwise 90 degrees, Counterclockwise 90 degrees or 180 degrees.

Adjust Page Design

Header&Footer: You can update, remove and add header and footer to a PDF document. Click the “Header&Footer” > “Add” button and a new window will pop-up. You may then customize them through the settings on the window.

Background: Adding, updating or removing a background can also be done. Click the “Background” tab and choose “Add”. A dialog box will appear. You can choose among the colors provided in the box. You may also click on “File” to use a particular file as a background.

Watermark: You may also personalize the PDF document by adding a watermark in it. You can use text or files as your watermark. In fact, you also customize its position and appearance. Furthermore, removing and updating watermark can also be done.
Bates Numbering: Click the “Bates Numbering” button if you want to add or remove bates numbering.

Combine Multiple PDFs

If you wish to combine two or more PDF files into one, just simply click “Combine PDF” on the main interface. A new window will pop up. Click the “Add Files” > “Add Files/Add Folder” for combining. All the files selected will then be seen on the list. You may then move them up or down in accordance to your desired sequence. Click “OK” for confirmation

Add or Remove Protection

With this feature, you can have your PDF file secured with a password. In addition to that, you can also remove a password with it. To add a password, click on “Protection” > “Encrypt with Password” then input your desired password and confirm. It can actually restrict others from printing and editing the file. Basically, you can choose between permission password and document open password. For permission password, a PDF file can be opened without requiring a password. Nevertheless, a password will be required when you attempt to change settings, edit, print, or sign a document. Meanwhile, document open password requires a password when someone opens the PDF file.

Sign a Document

One of the best features of ApowerPDF is allowing users to electronically sign in a PDF file. The difference of this digital signature from hand-written signature is that it contains additional details such as date and time, location and the reason of signing. To sign a particular PDF, you can choose “Sign” tab and on the right side, select “Place Signature”. Hit on “Drag New Signature Rectangle” button and then drag the mouse so you can draw a rectangular shape on the part where you want to put the signature.

Note that you need to create a new ID in case you don’t have one. Just choose “New ID” from “Sign As” and then choose “ A new digital ID I want to create now”. Fill up the necessary information.

Make Comments

To annotate a PDF file, just go to “Comment” tab. Here you can add highlights, strikethrough, underline and sticky notes. Furthermore, you can also add drawing markups such as arrow, line, circle, square and more. It is will be useful for you when you need to highlight PDF texts for emphasising importance.

That is the full ApowerPDF review. This app offers very nice features. It can surely help more users in all of their PDF needs.

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