How to get Apple Pay Completed Payment Animation on Lock Screen

iOS 8 has a huge number of new apps and tons of improvements for consumers. Everyone can get a better user experience with iOS 8 compatible devices after upgrading. On the other hand, you know that most of the iOS users have keen interest in Jailbreak and various Cydia tweaks. Actually, these two things are something like Android Rooting and various apps for rooted devices.

Apple Pay Animation for Lock Screen

If your iOS device is compatible with Apple Pay, you might have already used this feature in various offline stores. In a couple of words, Apple Pay is just awesome and it works with Touch ID that is available on iOS 8. Obviously, this Apple owned payment system works fine without any lagging or other kind of problems. On the other hand, the user interface is also pretty attractive and much useful. Apple Pay doesn’t come with a huge number of features. Hence, the interface and other things look clean.

How to get Apple Pay Completed Payment Animation on Lock Screen?

get Apple Pay Completed Payment Animation on Lock Screen

You will get a beautiful Touch animation after completing the payment via Apple Pay. Although, iOS 8’s lock screen comes with some beautiful locking systems but still, sometime you feel the lack of minimalism. That is where LockGlyph comes in. This app is available for Jailbreak iOS 8+ users. You can get it via BigBoss repository in Cydia.

You know that BigBoss repo is popular app gallery available for Jailbreak iOS users. You can get more other apps on this repo. Anyway, to get LockGlyph, just head over to this link and download it right away.

After installing it, you can get few couple of settings to run it according to your requirements. You can check out this following video to know more about this app.

Drawback of LockGlyph

Although, the wallpaper and animation work pretty well without having any issue but you can get a bit slow processing when unlocking your device via this app. That means, it works quite slower than default iOS 8 locking system. Hope the developers would come up with a fix and provide us better application.


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