Use Apple Watch on the Web before Launching

According to Apple, Apple Watch should be in the wearable gadget world from early of 2015. However, according to some trusted sources, Apple will unveil the most awaited wearable technology or smart watch aka Apple Watch in March 2015.

Use Apple Watch on the Web before Launching

You know that Apple announced Apple Watch back in 2014 at one of their events. However, after that, Apple has given us many hints about the launching for the consumers. But, there had been not such confirmation – although, there is still no confirmed launching date. Nevertheless, this is almost confirmed by various Apple professionals that it would be in the market in March with a limited stock.

Anyway, when there is no confirmation, you can still have an experience of Apple Watch on the web. One of the most popular developer groups has launched a web portal where users can easily have a taste of upcoming Apple Watch.

How to use Apple Watch on the web?

Just head over to Demo Apple Watch website and wait for a few seconds to let it load in your web browser. It depends on your internet connection speed. After loading the watch on your screen, you can find something like the following;


This Apple Watch demo includes only nineteen apps or features including music player, map, phone call (you cannot call), message (Not able to send or receive message), Instagram, Shazam and many more.

You can also check how push notification works in Apple Watch. On the other hand, this demo comes with some settings that will be included in original Apple Watch. However, you can get a couple of options to toggle Airplane mode, Bluetooth etc.

You know that original Apple Watch has Passbook support. The exciting this is you can find Passbook in the demo version as well.

This demo version has been developed by Doodle Creatives, which is behind the popular news app for iOS called Pipes News. Therefore, the Pipes news is fully integrated into the Apple Watch web demo. You can get push notifications from Pipes News.

Screen Tour

Music Player

Apple Watch Music Player

Messaging App


Push Notification


Calling from Apple Watch


Important Note

This site is launched recently and sometimes it is showing an error while trying to browse this website. I have got the error three times. Nevertheless, the fourth attempt was successful. So, if you will get any server error, don’t be panic. Just try after few times.

Bottom line

When the original Apple Watch is still under development and not launched for consumers, you can try this demo version so that you can experience how the whole thing would be working. Obviously, you cannot get a great taste but you won’t be disappointed too.

Do share your view with us about this great web app.

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