AtomicCleaner: Remove Junk Files from Windows

Although, Windows is a great operating system, yet, sometime you may confront problems for different things. For instance, Windows machine gathers junk files very often. Whenever, you install or uninstall a software, it creates tons of junk files against that. For them, who has a good configuration, this is not a very big problem as they can remove them once in a week or two. However, if you have a low configuration Windows computer, you may face issues related to speed.

Junk files make your PC comparatively slower as it can use your RAM. Therefore, you should always clear your junk files. At the same time, if you are using a browser for a very long time, your browser has certainly stored lot of data and browsing history, which causes slowness. Hence, you should clear your browsing cache once in a month or so to make your PC faster.

Sometime, you can remove junk files from Windows without using any tool but, sometime, you must have to use a third party software to clear everything with ease and save time as well. There are many junk files removers for Windows but today I am going to introduce another tool called AtomicCleaner.

AtomicCleaner: Remove Junk Files from Windows

AtomicCleaner is a free tool available for Windows Vista and later versions including Windows 10. It doesn’t require a high configuration PC but you must have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 installed on your PC in order to install AtomicCleaner. This is a small but very useful junk files cleaner for Windows.

It does mainly three things. First, optimize system apps by analyzing and cleaning junk files. Second, optimize web browsers like the same way it does for system. Third, it can also take care of games. For example, if a game is taking too long to start or getting hanged etc. you can optimize that game with the help of AtomicCleaner.

At first, download and install AtomicCleaner on your Windows computer. After opening it, you will get a screen something like the following picture,

AtomicCleaner for Windows

Now, you can have plenty of options. If you click on Full Clean button, it will analyze everything and clean them right away without your further permission. If you click on Full Analyze, it will show you’re the result that came up. Similar things can be done with SYSTEM, WEB BROWSERS and GAMES. This is also possible to select particular thing. To do so, just click on the big C button or the half circle button.


You will get some settings as well to run it according to your requirements. For instance, you can choose the database update interval, program update time, programs and many more.

The overall functionality of AtomicCleaner is pretty good. As this is free, there is nothing to lose. Therefore, you can give it a try.

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