Unsubscribe.com: Clean Up Useless Newsletters From Your Email Inbox

If you have been using the internet for a year or two, chances are that you have subscribed to quite a few mailing lists or newsletters. Some of them are useful but most of them spam your inbox every other hour, just to capture a lead or to make a sale.

Then there are these web services who allow you to download their products for free, but at the same time require your email address where they can send promotional newsletters at a later point of time.

In general, most newsletters have a small “Unsubscribe” link placed at the bottom of the email message, clicking which will unsubscribe you from the mailing list. However, if you want an easier way to reduce newsletter spam on your inbox, try Unsubscribe.com

Unsubscribe.com (brilliant name) puts a small “Unsubscribe” button on Gmail inbox which allows you to unsubscribe from spam newsletters with the touch of a button. Apart from Gmail and Google Apps, the service also works with other web mail providers e.g Yahoo, Hotmail and desktop email clients like Microsoft Outlook.

To use the service, sign up for a free account and install the browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Login to your Gmail inbox and you will see the unsubscribe button, as shown below:

When you receive a spam newsletter, instead of searching for the unsubsciption link within the email body, just hit the “Unsubscribe” button. The service will take care of the unsubscription request and you don’t have to fiddle through repeated procedures and unsubscribe manually.

The free version of Unsubscribe.com allows you to get rid of 5 newsletters per month. If you need more, pay $20 a year for unlimited unsubscription requests.

How to Automatically Unsubscribe from Useless Newsletters

If your email client is not configured with the extension, you can forward unwanted emails to mail@unsubscribe.com and the service will remove your email address from the specific mailing list.

Following the above idea, you can create a simple Gmail filter and automatically clean up your Gmail inbox from spam newsletters. Here are the steps:

1. Create a new filter from Gmail settings and add the word “Unsubscribe” in “Has the Words:” field. This is because most newsletters have the unsubscribe word at the bottom of the email message, this rule will detect the incoming newsletter email.

2. In the next step, select the option to forward the email to mail@unsubscribe.com. Done !

Now whenever you receive a newsletter email, the filter will automatically send it to unsubscribe.com and a new unsubscription request will be queued. You can choose to manually remove these subscriptions, but using the button makes it a lot more easier.

I tried the service with a couple of newsletters who keep sending junk messages every day. Let’s see whether Unsubscribe.com is able to keep these spammers away. [ via Techcrunch ]

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