Climsy Automatically Uploads Images And Screenshots To Your Preferred File Hosting Service

climsy-0 Many of us these days often require to capture and share various kinds of screenshots with others. There are many screenshot taking tools available which help us make this task easier. Not to mention the standard “Print Screen” function key present on our keyboard and MS Paint to paste and store the screen shot image.

However, screenshots require some editing nonetheless for which a good screen shot editing software is needed.

Climsy claims to be the best way to take, edit and share screenshots with others. The features provided in Climsy surely live up to the claim and it is one of the best screen capture tools available out there.

Climsy is free to download and once installed, it sits quietly in the Windows system tray. Whenever you need to take a screen shot, all you need to do is press the Print Screen button and Climsy will save the screen shot and copy it to clipboard or save it directly to a file as per settings.


You can specify the settings on what type of file you want the image to be saved i.e. either PNG or JPG. A default directory for saving images can also be specified if you want images to be locally stored.


However, here lies Climsy’s greatest plus point.

If you specify, Climsy will automatically save the screen capture images to an online image sharing service directly. Currently Climsy supports Dropbox, Imageshack and its own image storage and sharing. Once your image is uploaded to the respective service, Climsy allows you to automatically get the link to the image copied to the clipboard so all you have to do to share the image with others is press Ctrl+V to get the permalink for the image.

We have earlier discussed some similar tools which can capture screenshots and upload to a web or FTP server, so hit up the following links to check them out:


Climsy is really simple and easy to use tool which doesn’t tease its users with useless options. All you need to do is configure Climsy once and leave the rest for it to do itself. Climsy is available in both an installer version and a portable version with the former requiring installation while the latter can be carried away without being installed making it a great option for users who use multiple computers often.

Climsy is available for Windows 7 and can be downloaded via this link.


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