This Tool Can Save You Some Precious Time Wasted Online

Being a professional always demands us to be productive at all times balancing our personal and professional lives at all costs. At times we have to shoehorn tasks in a tight schedule to steal an hour or two for son’s football game or a movie with pals. But most of the time, we fail by a mile. The core concept of the app, If This Then That (IFTTT) is to automate tasks related to some most popular online apps and save you some much needed time.


The idea is to create mashups from two features from two services which are saved as recipes. You can use recipes created by others or just create a few yourself. Some of the example recipes that I created are,

1. Create a task on Google Calendar if I text to a specific number with a specific tag in it.

2. Create a Facebook update if I favorite/retweet a tweet.

3. Clip an URL to Evernote if I tag a post (with a specific tag) on Google Reader.

4. Send a mail (with attachment) to someone if I upload a file to a Dropbox folder.

5. Post on my Tumblr if I post a status update on Facebook.

6. Download the newest favorite (Youtube) video to the Youtube folder in my Dropbox.

7. Add a post to my Buffer when I star an item on Google Reader.

Possibilities are endless, you can do anything creating recipes by combining two services in almost any way you wish to. This not only saves time but also help you keep things organized in a pattern you choose and that too automatically.

Currently 41 apps and services can be used with IFTTT. Some of the most popular names are Twitter, facebook, Buffer, Craiglist, Delicious, Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, Google Reader, FFFFound, Flickr,, Instagram, Instapaper, Readability, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Youtube etc. This tool also includes sms and call (US only) services to work on your behalf. The service offers free signup and surely to grow into a much better automation tool over time as more online apps/services get included.


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