AutoMath – Solve Math Problems on Android Camera

Mathematics is always a fascinating subject for many students. On the other hand, the same subject is much lackluster for them, who need to solve tons of simple questions in a very short span of time. Some employees need to solve some math equations at their office. Sometime it is good when some time it seems to be a time consuming work.

AutoMath – Solve Math Problems on Android Camera

To solve such problems, previously I have introduced PhotoMath, which is available on iOS and Windows Phone. Although, this is unavailable on Android, but, now, you can get an alternative to PhotoMath on Android. This substitute is known as AutoMath.

If you have used PhotoMath, you know the workflow. But, if you do not know how PhotoMath works, let me explain. Actually, PhotoMath and AutoMath both are same, but, available on different platforms. There is no other difference between both apps.

Basic Usage of AutoMath

AutoMath is available on Android 2.3.3 and this is a free application. You can solve some basic math problems of Addition, Substraction, Multiplication, Divisions, Fractions, Inequalities, powers, Square Roots, Trigonometry, Algebra, Simplification and more others.

AutoMath Mathematical Functions

Not only these few sections, but also you can solve more other problems of Array, Derivative, Binomial co-efficient, Boolean function, complex number, continued function, Fibonacci, Function, Integer, Integration, Matrix, Determinant and tons of others.

The only drawback is, you cannot solve the aforementioned problems by scanning using Camera. You need to write down the equation or problem in the application to get soled.

User Interface of AutoMath

AutoMath User interface

AutoMath works really great. Just like the awesomeness of workflow, the visual design in also great. It comes with minimum options on the screen. Hence, you will get a destruction free user interface. Generally, it has minimum color combination i.e. black and red.

How to use AutoMath to solve math problem?

This is however very easy. At first download and installs AutoMath on your Android mobile. Then open it. You will get the camera ON automatically. Now, just scan the math problem using your camera. You can also make the block large or small – as per your requirement.

After scanning the problem, it will show the solution automatically. That’s all!

PhotoMath vs. Automath

Although, those two apps are available on two different platforms but still, I would have to say that AutoMath is much more useful. It has more mathematical functions than PhotoMath. You can also solve some advanced math problems using AutoMath. But, PhotoMath cannot solve any difficult equation.


This is very easy to use AutoMath. On the other hand, it is free of cost. But, make sure that you kid doesn’t know about it. Otherwise, your kid’s mathematics base won’t be so good.

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