Automatically Sync Your Windows Desktop With Dropbox

I am a big fan of Dropbox for syncing files, folders and everything I have across different computers and mobile devices. It is automatic and works in the background which makes file sync effortless, easy and real time.

By default, the Dropbox folder installs at C:\Users\username\Dropbox, where username is your user account. In order to sync files, you have to drop the files into this folder and run the Dropbox app to complete the sync process.

This does not sync the files you have in your computer’s desktop, downloads and other folders which gets new files every other day. I download a lot of files everyday and my desktop is full of work folders, downloads and other things. I want to sync these files to my Dropbox account, so that when I am at home, I don’t have to carry my office computer all the way and all the files I have downloaded into my office computers’s desktop are available for use.

In short, if you would want Dropbox to automatically sync your entire desktop across multiple computers, here is a simple trick you can use.

All you need to do is move the location of Windows desktop inside the Dropbox folder. The default location of Windows desktop is C:\Users\username\Desktop. You need to change this to C:\Users\username\Dropbox\Desktop.

Here is how to do it

1. Open your user account folder in Windows, as shown below


2. Right click on the “Desktop” folder and click on “Properties”. Then switch to the “Location” tab.


3. Click on “Move” and choose the location of your Dropbox folder. Then click “Apply” and hit “OK” to save your changes.


Now your desktop folder will be moved inside the Dropbox folder and your desktop will always be in sync across all your computers and mobile devices. If you use multiple computers, it might be a good idea to create the different folders inside Dropbox first. For example, you can create three folders – Desktop (Windows), Desktop (MAC), Desktop (Work) and use the above technique to sync the desktop of all the computers, automatically.

The good thing about this procedure is that your files are always backed up and secured from system crash. Whenever my system crashes, I keep losing important files which were kept in my computer’s desktop and I forgot to move them to my Dropbox folder. Not anymore, since the desktop is now contained inside Dropbox!

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