Automatically Save Screenshots In Your Dropbox Public Folder For Quick Sharing [Mac]

Do you take a lot of screenshots? Do you use Dropbox for sharing screenshots? Are you a MAC user and have always wanted an easy way to upload screenshots to your Dropbox account? It would be better to put it this way

1. Take a screenshot for me.

2. Upload it to the public folder of my Dropbox account.

3. Immediately copy the link of the image file in osx clipboard, so I can share it with anyone.

GrabBox allows you to do just that.

Before I go into the detail of what GrabBox does and how you can set it up on your MAC, here is the problem you should understand first.

These days, I work full time with a startup and I find it extremely annoying, when it comes to sharing screenshots with co-workers. First, you have to take the screenshot ( Shift + Command + 3 for full screen, Shift + Comman + 4 for a specific area of the screen). Next, you have to upload the screenshot to a file sharing service. Again, you have to copy the URL of the image and finally it is ready to be shared with anyone.

GrabBox automates this whole flow of sharing screenshots via your Dropbox account. In their own words:

GrabBox is a utility that reacts to the screenshots you take. It automatically copies the screenshots to your Dropbox Public folder, and then copies the URL to the clipboard – ready to share with friends or strangers!

Setup grabbox in your mac for quickly sharing screenshots

Go to the GrabBox website and download the zip file on your computer. Extract the package and install the application in your computer. After you’ve installed Grabbox, run the app and it should walk you through a basic setup phase where you need to copy the link of a file that is stored in your Dropbox public folder. Basically, Grabbox needs to know the location of your public folder so that it can save your scren captures directly in your Dropbox account and immediately copies the link of the image file.

Ideally, you would want to launch GrabBox at system startup, so you don’t have to launch the app everytime you restart your system. Now that GrabBox is installed, you are all set to auto upload screenshot files to the public folder of your Dropbox account.

The next time you feel the need of sharing a screenshot with anyone, hit Shift + Command + 3 or Shift + Command + 4 and its done. The screenshot file will be automatically moved from your desktop to a “Screenshots” folder stored in your Dropbox account’s public folder. The URL of the screenshot will be copied to your MAC clipboard, ready to be shared with anyone.

Another great thing regarding Grabbox is that it keeps your desktop clean from screenshot and image files. All the screen mockups are numbered, so you can quickly find the latest screenshot file that was saved in your Dropbox account.

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