Autostart Applications in MAC OSX After Your System Boots Up

Opening a bunch of applications after your macbook restarts can get really monotonous, you have to manually find all the applications from the search bar or launch them from the OS X dock. Every day, whether you’re working or at home, you might have the habit of using a set of applications after Mac starts up, so it would be nice if you can configure your mac to automatically launch applications and programs, right after your system boots up. This is the exactly similar to how Ms-config works in Windows, you can tweak the Ms-config file in Windows to auto-start programs after Window login.

Before we move on to the steps, let me tell you my working scenario and why I want my MAC to auto start a given set of apps, right after it boots into the system. I am an active internet user; I read, I write and literally live inside my web browser. So I have configured my Mac to automatically launch Google Chrome after boot. I am also active on social media sites, so I have configured TweetDeck to launch after startup. I use Skype for online communications, so after Google Chrome and TweetDeck, Skype is launched and it logs me into my Skype account. And so on.

If you’re anything like me and want to auto start specific apps after your MAC OS X reboots, here is a quick guide.

1. Open system preferences; you can search for “preferences” in the spotlight’s search bar to open your computer’s system preferences in MAC.

2. In the “System Preferences” window, click on “User and Groups” under the “System” section.

3. Now you will see your user account options, here you can change the password of your user account, setup an Apple ID, enable parental controls and change other user account settings. (see example).

Click on “Login items” and you will see a list of applications that are auto configured to open after OSX boots.

5. Now to make changes to this list and add custom programs to MAC’s startup items list, you have to do two things. First, click the lock icon and sign in with your MAC’s administrator account. Next, click the small “+” icon and select the program from your “Applications” folder.

For example, if I want Skype to auto-start every time I boot into the system, I would click the “+” icon, select “Skype” from the “Applications” folder and save the changes.

You can remove programs from Mac start-up list by following the same procedure, just remember to hit the “-” button in the “User and Groups” folder


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