Avira Phantom VPN: Free VPN for Windows and Android

Windows and Android both are mostly used platforms for PC and mobile respectively. Every time you get a tool as a solution of any kind of problem with your Windows and Android device. Anyway, sometime, you can find some websites which is generally blocked in your country. For example, Spotify is an online music service, which is widely popular in US. However, the worst thing is it is not available in all the countries across the globe. For instance, if you are in India, you cannot use Spotify.

At the same time, there are so many countries, where some websites are blocked by restive government. Sometime, you can find the barrier prior to some useful websites. To unblock Facebook in office or school, you certainly need a VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which will let you avoid the region blocking and any other types of blocking within moments. Also, nowadays, attackers are using different types of advanced methods to attack into some computer. Therefore, this is a good practice to use VPN in order to mask your public IP address.

There are few free and paid VPN software available for Windows and Android. However, today I am going to introduce such an awesome and reliable VPN software that can be accessible on Windows computer and Android mobiles.

Avira Phantom VPN: Free VPN for Windows and Android

Introducing Avira Phantom VPN for Windows and Android. Generally, this is free but you can get some limitations. If you are a regular internet user, you can get some problem as the bandwidth is only 500MB. But, if you create an Avira account (which is free obviously), you will get 1GB of free bandwidth with this tool. This is needless to mention that this bandwidth comes as monthly bandwidth.

The best part of Avira Phantom VPN is you can use 13 different countries as your virtual position of your computer. Austria, Canada, France, Spain, US, UK, Romania etc. are available as your virtual position. Another good thing is it doesn’t contain loads of options. You get only connect/disconnect button along with the country selector.

To get started with Avira Phantom VPN, at first, download and install it on your computer. (here, the Windows tutorial is mentioned. However, the setup of Android is also same and easy.). After installing Avira Phantom VPN, you will get a window like this,

Hit the Start Phantom VPN button to start the virtual connection.

Start Phantom VPN

Following that, you have to go to Settings and select a country that you want to set as your virtual position.

Avira Phantom VPN settings

After that, click on the button that says Secure my connection.

Conenct Avira Phantom VPN

That’s it! Then, it will take few seconds to establish the virtual connection. Following that, you can check your IP address’s position. It should be different.

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