Avira Security Suite 2017: Review, New Features, Price

Avira has been a great friend of people, who are concerned for their online security. It doesn’t matter whether you open an email or browse websites, your computer can be tricked by an attacker, who is sitting on his couch far away from you. Avira Security Suite 2017 has brought some features those will let you block unwanted access, malicious files and ransomware from attacking on your computer. On the  other hand, the Security Suite contains Avira System Speedup, Avira Phantom VPN and Browser Security those do their jobs pretty well. If you are interested to secure your computer and browse internet safely, Avira Free Security Suite 2017 is a must have tool.

Avira Security Suite 2017: Review, News Features, Price

Like said before, there are total four different tools combined into Avira Security Suite 2017. Let’s check out each tool one by one.

Avira Antivirus

Avira Security Suite 2017 Review, News Features, Price

This is the main part of Avora Security Suite since you are about to get the antivirus to protect your PC from malicious files. Nowadays, trojan, malware, etc. can affect your computer out of nowhere. You should always be careful while browsing or downloading a file from the internet. However, not everytime, this is possible. To solve such issues, you can simply install Avira antivirus. However, you can certainly download it as a standalone application. Having said that, it is available with Avira Security Suite as well.

The user interface of Avira Antivirus is neat and clean. You can find seven different tabs i.e. System Scanner, Real-Time Protection, Firewall, Quarantine, Scheduler, Reports, and Events. Each tab contains some other options to do a particular job.

You can either select full scan, or choose particular drive or even select a particular folder to scan with Avira Antivirus. There is another feature called “Quick Scan” that helps users to scan the whole computer quickly.

Avira Browser Safety

All the internet users use browser to browse the web. However, the browser can help attackers inject malicious code in the background of a website. To get rid of such problem, you can utilize Avira Browser Safety, which will let you protect you from trojans and other online infections. You must have a standard web browser with add-on support. That means you should have Google Chrome, Firefox etc. to make use of it. All you need to do is just to install the Browser Safety.

Avira System Speedup

Avira Security Suite 2017 Review, News Features, Price

the vast majority of Windows users often face an awkward problem after using the PC for a few days. Their computers become comparatively slower day by day and no one wants to use a slow computer that consumes loads of time. This can happen due to junk files, unwanted software, and many more reasons. Avira System Speedup helps users to speed up their system by detecting the actual problem. It can check problems related to disk, performance as well as privacy. Just open up the Avira System Speedup app on your computer and hit the Scan button.

Avira Phantom VPN

Avira Security Suite 2017 Review, News Features, Price

Apart from securing computer from virus, you also need to be anonymous on the web while browse websites. Otherwise, your usage data will be tracked and can be sold to third-party vendors. Avira Phantom VPN helps users to be anonymous by masking the Public IP. You can have several servers i.e. Germany, US, UK, France, and many more. Just open the Avira Phantom VPN app, go to Settings, select a server or country or IP location and hit he Connect button.

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Considering all the features, Avira Security Suite 2017 seems to be a good upgrade in terms of price and functions. Hope you will like it.

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