Completely Backup Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari and Flock Browser

Users, who actively use internet, often face problems restoring their browser settings, links, cookies etc. when they reformat their PC or want to export everything related to browsers to another computer. FavBackup is an utility which backs up and restores all necessary information of your browser. The program needs no installation (it’s portable) and only meant for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000.  It supports all the major browsers which are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Flock and Chrome.

Using this program you will be able to back up your browser fully including browsing history, bookmarks, cookies, sessions, extensions and plug-ins installed, themes, toolbars, search engines that are installed, passwords and almost everything else. So restoring will get you the customized/configured browser back in no time.

In order to get a full backup, first you need to download the executable file from the FavBackup site. It’s free and as I have said earlier it doesn’t need to be installed. Simply run the .EXE file. Select Backup tab (on top menu) and select your browser. Tick the list of items you want to backup and select a location for the backup to be stored. Click Next and then Finish. FavBackup stores this data as a DAT file. Restoring your settings is equally simple. To restore, go to Restore tab and tick the list of items you want to restore. Then point to the backup location and click Next and Finish. It is that easy.

TIP: If you are on Google Chrome, you can use the built-in sync or Firefox users Firefox sync or MozBackup does a great job as a backup and sync service.

If you want a complete backup select the Full Backup and Full Restore option for complete restoring. You can use backup and restore options if you don’t want to back up and restore everything. It will give you options to select items which you need to save.

You can also convert Opera 10 profiles from Windows XP to Windows 7/Vista in both 32-bit and 64-bit format. Select the option convert and click on Next.

I like the software because of the simple and easy user interface it offers. By making the backup and restore process fast and simple, it earns a place in my software inventory and I highly recommend it. Since Chrome and Firefox has an automated backing up program, I would have loved if FavBackup had one to schedule incremental backups and that would have complimented this great piece of software in this age of automation and disk space hungry generation.

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