How to Backup Contacts to SD Card in Android

There are more Android users than any other platform including Windows Phone and iOS. People opt for Android because of the cheap price as the variety of mobile. It doesn’t matter whether you have Android or any other mobile but it is sure that you have a lot of contacts. We all have loads of contacts in our mobile. That is not a problem as today’s mobiles are much more capable of storing more contacts than earlier. However, the problem starts when we want to move our contacts to take a backup of our contacts.

Generally, you need to backup your contacts frequently so that you will not miss them if something wrong happens. If you have an electronic device, you should always choose a second method to get that up. Some people often face problem because of having no backup. Although, Android is a stable mobile platform but still you may get problems.

Nexus mobile

Obviously, you can use the Import/Export option of your Android mobile to create a backup of your contacts, which is really easy. The best part is you do not have to get any third party app for your mobile.

However, in this tutorial, you are going to find something more than that as today I am going to use a third party app called Super Backup, which can backup almost everything that you have in your mobile. Obviously, it won’t spy on your data as it works upon your demand. Super Backup is a free software, which comes with so many features. The best part is you can create backup and send it to anyone or save it in different cloud storage without any problem. In this case, you are about to learn how to backup your contacts to SD card in Android using Super Backup app.

Backup Contacts to SD Card in Android

This is very easy and Super Backup works on almost all version of Android. However, just make sure that you have Android 2.3 or later version. Though, it is very rare to have older than that but still if you have older version, you cannot install this app on your mobile. The size of Super Backup is 3.4Mb only. You may find a pro edition of Super Backup but you do not need to install that as the free version works great.

Therefore, download and install Super Backup on your mobile. After opening it, you can find a screen like this,

Super Backup Start Screen

Just tap on Contacts to backup contacts. Here, you will get few options like Backup, Backup Contacts with Phone Numbers, View Backups, Restore, Send to Cloud etc. Just tap on Backup Contacts With Phone Numbers. Now, you have to a name of your backup.

Howt o backup contacts to SD Card in Android

That’s it! Your contacts will be saved in your SD card (if you have). Otherwise, it will consume the internal memory. This is as simple as said.

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