Back Up Emails From Gmail and Read Offline using Gmailbackup

Sometimes You may regret When You do not have an Internet Connection Available. You need to read an old email Badly but you do not have a local copy of that email in your Hard disk.If you are a Web Worker then it may be worthwhile  to have all your emails backed up in your Computer for offline reading.

Create an offline copy of All Your Gmail Mails

While outlook 2007 is the Most popular Email client program but i am not a big fan and prefer the browser instead for managing emails.Its very important that I keep a back up of all My emails Which I can read offline in case i need some necessary information .This is exactly what Gmailbackup Does.

Enter Your Gmail Login Details and Choose a Folder in your Hard disk. After that specify a start date and a Finish Date and Hit the Magic Button “Back up”  Now Sit back and relax. The App Will download All Your mails In the specified Folder along with the attachments. You can also Save the mails on a USB stick and carry Your emails across Multiple computers. (Note that The emails are saved as outlook express email message.)

If you want to save the Gmail chats and read them offline Then try this workaround.

Note : Shankar has Written an extensive guide on Backing Up Gmails using Gmailkeeper.Its more powerful and You can backup multiple Gmail accounts With labels. But the Free version allows a maximum of 1000 mails and only one email account,If you are ready to spend some bucks go ahead and try Gmailkeeper.

Create an online Copy Of All Your Gmail Mails

If you want to create an Online Copy of Your Gmail Emails Then you can Use Zoho Mail to Forward all Your mails in The ZOHO Inbox.This has two advantages. First,If Sometime later ,you cannot access your gmail account you can still access your mails from the Zoho Inbox .Second , You can recover accidentally deleted emails from The ZOHO inbox later on.

You can also create an archive of All your emails Using Google groups.

Have You backed up all your mails Yet ?


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