How to Backup iPhone Notes on Windows and Mac

Do you want to backup iPhone notes on Windows or Mac? Here are some simple steps to get it done. iOS and Windows both are equally awesome and you know that they are being developed for mobile and PC respectively. Apple and Microsoft are trying hard to include more features in order to enrich their operating system.

This is meaningless to mention that they have made a very secure OS for their users. On the other hand, Apple has included so many in-built features, what were available as a third party software in the initial days. Although, Apple has been including so many features in iOS, but still some people are feeling a lack of feature to do certain thing.

For example, Apple has a note taking app called Notes. You can write any kind of note in the Notes app and save it to keep things in mind. If you often forget important things, Notes is a fruitful app for you. This is possible to save notes in Gmail, iCloud as well as in local storage. If you save notes in Gmail or iCloud, you can get them when later. But if you save notes in local storage, you won’t get them once it is deleted from your iPhone.

How to Backup iPhone Notes on Windows and Mac

Now, let’s assume that you want to format your device or move to another device or just want to ditch iOS. Therefore, you will lose all your notes. If you want to get them on Windows or Mac, here is a software that will let you backup iPhone notes within moments. Although, this tool can assist you to backup various things but the note backup section is one of the most popular features.

How to Backup iPhone Notes on Windows and Mac

This is very and you can do it within moments. On the other hand, you do not have to connect your device to any WiFi network as well because it works through USB cable. Introducing iExplorer, which is NOT a free app but if you want to use it once, you can try the trial edition. Therefore, at first, download and install iExplorer on either Windows and Mac and then follow the following steps.

After installing it, do connect your iPhone to your PC using USB cable. It will be synchronized within seconds. After that, you can find a window like this,

iExplorer start screen

Go to Data tab and select Notes as you are going to backup iPhone notes.

Notes settings in iExplorer

After that, it will take some time to synchronize all the notes. Before that, it will ask you to backup your iPhone. You can skip that option as this is not mandatory. Anyway, after getting all the notes, open one that you want to backup. Following that, you will get two options i.e. Export to TXT and Export to PDF.

Export note to TXT or PDF

Just hit on one button that you want. That’s it! Now you will have to choose a path where you want to save. Hope this little tool would be helpful for you.

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