Backup your passwords in Mozilla as .csv/.xml file

mozilla logo What happens when you have to reinstall Firefox after a system format due to sudden system crash? In my earlier post I have discussed how to backup your bookmarks in browsers and how to restore them in case of a system crash. Now I am going show you how to save/restore your profile or passwords in Firefox.So if you need to reinstall Firefox then here are some measures to store the whole information.

Backup/Export firefox passwords

There is a firefox add-on that backups the saved passwords of firefox browser.It also allows you to export  your saved passwords.This add-on is called Password Exporter which is compatible with Firefox 3 & Thunderbird.

First,download & install the backup addon.Restart your Firefox 3 and follow the following steps:
Tools –>Options –>Security –>Import/Export passwords.
Now a window(shown on the left) appears.Click the Export Passwords button & a dialogg box opens which lets you select the locaion of the backup.Once you select it the passwords will be exported to an XML (Extensible Markup Language) or CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. After fresh installation you can import the files once again. For tat you have to click the Import Passwords button.This time also a dialog box opens where you have to locate the backup file you had created earlier.

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