Does Bad Grammar Really Matter In The Success Of A Website?

Does bad grammar really matter in the success of your product, service, website or a blog?

Bad grammar and its effect on websites
Nicole from the Microsoft Advertising website says “Yes, bad grammar really hurts your business, blog or service. Customers are always looking for ways to decide between advertisers and products. Some customers may go through the effort of researching products and stores, but more decide based on their initial impression.”

If users or potential readers find a misspelled word or grammatical mistakes in your website’s pages, they may decide to abandon your service and go to other sources.

So what should you do to make sure your writing is free from grammatical mistakes? Nicole gives some useful advice:

1. Hire an editor: Hire a professional editor who can fix grammatical mistakes and improve your writing skills. If your budget is low, at least ask someone else to review your writing. He/she might find the mistakes you have overlooked.

2. Always run spell check: Always use a WYSIWYG editor to write your articles and spell check before hitting the publish button. Not only the readers, but the search engines will also love you for this.

3. Print your work on paper: If possible, print out that sales copy on paper and see how it looks on hand.

4. Take a break: We are all human beings and our engines need rest too. Go out, get some coffee and breathe fresh air. You have no idea how taking often breaks may increase your productivity.

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How Does Grammar Affect The SEO Of Your Website?

When it comes to the search engine optimization of a website, Grammar and writing quality plays another big role.

Search engines, especially Google can determine whether a page is written badly or whether the author of an article is using deceptive techniques like spinning the article or copying content from other sources. If search engines find duplicate content issues on your site, it will slowly began losing it’s trust and might completely drop you from it’s index.

Hence, you should remain very strict with content plagiarism and set up automatic alerts to know when others copy content from your site

Coming back to Grammar, the way an article is produced and the way it is written can be a deciding factor on whether the end users will read it or not. Web users are pretty savvy, they will read the first few lines of your page and skip everything is the middle so you should ensure that your page has really interesting content and it is written in proper English.


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